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Fast food restaurant Essay

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Fast food restaurant

Introduction: This study is all about the effect of fast food chain in the lifestyle of most Filipino family. Nowadays, because of busy world most of us are no time to cook at home and no time to find ingredients. Most Filipino loves to eat and food is the basis of their social life. Filipino family usually rise early just to cook food and one of it is rice for breakfast. Filipino usually eat five times a day, breakfast, merienda around 10:30 in the morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and snacks dinner.

Filipino eat vegetable, rice, fish and at Fiesta time, families try to eat meat. As fast food chain arise like Jollibee, Mc Donald’s and KFC, the traditional eating habit of Filipino family change. Filipinos eat by their bare hands, but as American influences they adopt the style of using silver spoon and fork. As this study go on, some questions will be answered and cleared. What really influenced Filipino family to eat in fast food chain and what are the effects of doing it. Is it true that it suddenly change the Filipino eating lifestyle?

Most of the Filipino family loves to eat together. As Filipino saying “The Family eat together stays together” it is one proved that Filipinos are family lover. But as times go by beacause of the busy day, Filipino family eating lifestyle has definitely taken on a new scenario, many eating places that capture the attentions of each family member. Fast food chain mushroomed all over the cities. Does it really have effects? What are those effect of fast food chain to the lifestyle of Filipino family? Statement of the Problem:

The general problem of the study is to determine the different effects of fast food chain in the lifestyle of Filipino family. Specifically, it will try to answer the five question regarding the topic. 1. What does fast food restaurant satisfy the Filipino family in terms of: 1. 1 Taste 1. 2 Service 1. 3 Presentation 1. 4 Texture 2. How does fast food chain affect the traditional eating habit of Filipino family? 3. What factors influenced Filipino family to eat in the fast food chain? 4. What are the disadvantages of eating in fast food? 5.

Why some Filipino family patronized fast food chains? Significance of the Study: The study aims to give information to different group of people regarding the effects of fast food chain to the Filipino family. Students For them to have a knowledge about the factors why most Filipino family patronized fast food chain and future references of effects of fast food to the lifesyle of Filipino family. Future Researchers To give information about this topic and to ellaborate and have a further study to the Filipino lifestyle. Fast Food Industry.

It will serve as an opportunity for us consumer to give some information to fast food industry on effects of their product to our health. An opportunity to fast food industry to know, adjust to the lifestyle of Filipino. Entrepreneurs To give ideas about fast food effects on how they will come up on more creative firm that they would not affect the lifestyle in community. Filipino Family For them to classify the effects of fast food chan in their health and lifestyle. Help them to choose the proper eating lifestyle by giving the factors why Filipino family lifesyle change.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study: This study limits its coverage on the selected respondents that are patronizing eating in fast food chain. The study primarily aim is to identify the effects of fast food chain in eating habits of some Filipino family. There is no specific socio-economic status that identify the Filipino family in this study. Our respondent are those family consumer of Jollibee, Mc Donald’s and KFC. Each of the respondents will be given questionnaire for them to be answered and only the result of the survey will be included and subjected to the evaluation and analysis.

This research has been made from June to October of 2013. Chapter Notes: Philppines:Eating Habit and Hospitality http://www. globalgourmet. com A healthy eating lifestyle by Rafael Castillo, MD Philippine Daily Enquirer(01/17/2009 Bulacan State University College of Business Administration Malolos City of Bulacan EFFECTS OF FAST FOOD CHAIN TO THE EATING LIFESTYLE OF FILIPINO FAMILY (Chapter 1) Edilyn G. Jumaquio Claire Ann S. Santos Alithea P. Libao Maria Alaisa Umali Maria Veronica Celine Salamat Mr. Gualberto Magdaraog.

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