Fast food restaurant Essay Topics

Burger King/Tim Hortons SWOT analysis

Internal Analysis When looking at the internal factors of Burger King (BK) and Tim Horton’s (TH), the largest weakness is Burger King’s poor brand image. BK has global brand recognition but the poor image could be challenging to overcome and could even negatively impact TH’s image. TH’s image has allowed them to gain 70% of… View Article

Analysing Mcdonalds

I c) The competitor I choose is Sonic Corp. , their competitors are 1) Burger King, 2) McDonald’s and 3) Whataburger. The first financial ratio calculated was the current ratio. The industry percentage is . 93, McDonald’s current ratio is 1. 14 and Sonic is 1. 72. Both companies have ability to pay back their… View Article

Mcdonalds Swot Analysis Dec 2012

* Has very good brand recognition * Supports subsidized healthcare projects * Operates globally so has smaller impact of local or regional depressions. * Efficient documented operating procedures in the assembly line fashion. * A large percentage of business is franchisee owned so the risk is spread out. * Shows nutrition and caloric values of… View Article

Fast Food Research Paper

1. Why is fast food bad for you? 2. What are the effects of eating fast food? 3. What are some successful fast food industries and there business strategies? Introduction It seems harmless, satisfies your hunger, and is cheap, but really is egregiously unhealthy. The fast food industry is very smart; they have many sly… View Article

Two Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s and Burger King make huge profits. Both fast food restaurants are able to serve thousands of people daily. Due to the advertising that both places do like McDonald’s sends out flyers in the mail so does Burger King. When watching television there are commercials about both restaurants. I have gotten coupons for Burger King… View Article


1. STRENGTH Marry-brown is Malaysian base fast food restaurant chain accomplished and maintained. One of the strength is they are high-standards food providing that oversteps opponents’ offerings in superiority, presentation of food, and price. As we can see marry-brown restaurant food presentation is unique and different from others. They try to differentiate between their product… View Article

Marketing Plan Phase III

Marketing Plan Phase III MKT 421 Marketing Plan Phase III In-N-Out Burgers basic values and philosophy is simple: make the highest quality product, prepare the product in a clean environment, and serve the product in a warm and friendly manner. Introducing a new product to In-N-Out Burgers traditional menu will challenge the products success with… View Article

The Effects of Eating Fast Food

Americans have been choosing fast food as a replacement for classic homemade meals for many of years. It is fast and convenient, but the negative effects outweigh the good effects by a long shot. Eating fast food daily affects Americans’ health, diet, leaves a hole in their pocket, and even changes their everyday mood. The… View Article