Farming Essay Examples

Problems in Organic Farming

Sustainability is thought by some to be synonymous with organic farming, but sustainability has proved to be elusive. Wes Jackson, the driving force behind The Land Institute, has been credited with starting to use the expression, “sustainability”, but he says he only used it in a certain way that some have appreciated (Brinton, 2001, p…. View Article

Breed of Ducks

I. OBJECTIVES: * To be able to know the different breed of cattle and their characteristics and importance. II. MATERIALS * Pencil * Ruler * Bond paper * Reference book * Ballpen III. GUIDE QUESTIONS: 1. What do you think is the most profitable way of raising cattle? Ans: I think maybe making money in… View Article

Whole Foods International Expansion

Abstract Whole Foods Market, a supermarket chain which emphasizes “natural” and organic products, centers their core competencies and values on product quality, pleasing customers, creating a positive environment for employees, education on healthy eating, prosperity, environmental stewardship and positive partnerships with suppliers. Listed as one of the world’s healthiest countries, Germany is an ideal location… View Article

Organic vs. Conventional Foods

For years, there has been a debate on how food is grown. Should it be organic or conventionally grown? To answer this question, the difference between the two needs to be known. Organic produce is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic livestock is free ranged, most of the time, with no added antibiotics or… View Article

Speech on Factory Farming

Well i am going to tell you about factory farming. First off we can all do something about this. How would u feel about thousands of animals crammed are being crammed into dirty, windowless sheds and confined to wire cages and gestation crates. They are basically forced into cannibalism because they scratch each other and… View Article

Salmon Farming in British Columbia and Sea Lice

British Columbia is lucky to have one the largest diversities of wild salmon on earth. There are about 8,000 races of wild salmon which are still surviving in British Columbia’s rivers today. For a long time, this population has been taken for granted and no one has been very keen on the preservation of the… View Article

The Daylesford Organic Farm Concept

Hello, everyone. Today I will be discussing the prospect of an organic farm-based business that I feel would be very beneficial for our company. To begin, I would like to talk about an already successful business based on the organic farm concept that is present in the United Kingdom. The name of this business is… View Article

Trader Joe’s Case Analysis

About Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s has approximately 414 stores in 400 locations across 37 states in the United States plus the District of Columbia. Many Trader Joe’s stores can be found in old strip malls in suburban locations. The typical Trader Joe’s store has less than 15,000 square feet of selling space. The store works… View Article

Tillage Study

Why should we add well decayed organic matter and basal fertilizer to the soil before transplanting seedlings or grafted plants of perennial crop species? Because organic matter is closely linked to plant productivity. In case the soil does not contain the nutrients that the crops needed especially seedlings and grafted plants of perennial crop species,… View Article