Facebook Essay Examples

Problem Solving Final Project Paper

FFIn the greater Baton Rouge area, there are 270 automotive and collision repair businesses. Within three miles from Fisher’s Automotive, where my husband Paul works, there are 40 shops that are providing some of the same services as Fisher’s. Of those 40, 26 perform collision repair. Before I started school, I worked at Fisher’s with… View Article

Self Introduction

Goodmorning ma’am, classmates, and friends. Today, i would like to impart some facts about me. Most of you here don’t know me yet so first of all, i would like to introduce myself. I am Jenifer Aya-ay. I was born on the 26th of September, 1993. I am 19 years old to be exact. I… View Article

Technology and Workers Rights

Whether it is over a cup of coffee with friends at the local Starbucks, in a crowded lunch room at work, or on a coworker’s Facebook wall, employees are talking about their jobs, especially to one another. New trends in modern technology, such as the recent explosion and popularity of social networking sites like Facebook… View Article

Internet Marketing

Topshop is clothing store selling clothes, shoes and jewellery; they have stores in nearly all towns across the UK. Topshop also has an online store that you can buy they’re products from and they deliver to your home for a small price. You can order your chosen products wherever you are in the world, as… View Article

World’s Largest Social Networking Service: Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking service that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family, and coworkers. In 2012, according to The New York Times, Facebook has more than 800 million active users around the world. The public favours Facebook as a way to “keep in touch with friends;” however, people, especially… View Article

A Positive View on Social Media and Facebook

Over one billion people worldwide use or have a profile on some sort of social media. Facebook is one form of social media that leads the charge. Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows users to locate and reunite with old friends, join groups of members that share your same interests, do… View Article

Facebook Effects on Society

Nowadays, the social networking known also as social media has become a widespread subject among people, especially among teenagers. At its beginning, social media consisted of diverse dating websites. Now, most people consider that having a social media account means that you have a Facebook account. Facebook involves interactivity and the aim of it was,… View Article

Facebook Addiction

Facebook has come to be probably the most commonly used social networking site, nearly half of Facebook’s users view their profiles every day. Some of the users spend an unreasonable amount of their time on Facebook, whiling the hours away unnoticed, while chores to go unfinished, and even going to the extent of ignoring family… View Article

Online Behaviors And Impression Management

Introduction With the rapid development of technology, the Internet has become an effective mechanism for social networking. People can not deny the fact that a successful social networking is more possible to lead a successful life. A personal impression serves as an important role in establishing new networks and managing old ones. It was proved… View Article


Facebook is a social network created in 2004 and has over 21 million registered members. It is the newer version of MySpace and has taken over cyberspace. Facebook allows you to stay connected with friends, classmates and old friends. It was originally created for college students, but people of all ages all over the world… View Article

Facebook Privacy Restrictions

It is alarming how fast technology is improving. Nowadays, it seems like having a Facebook account is a daily necessity or even a trend. According to a research done by TIMES magazine, more than one in four people who browse the Internet not only have a Facebook account but have returned to the site in… View Article

Facebook Comments

The National Labor Relations Board’s most recent decision demonstrates that not all employee social media posts are protected by the National Labor Relations Act. Questions remain, however, about the extent to which employees can be disciplined over social media activity We can expect the NLRB to continue to address the topic of employee rights as… View Article

Effect of Social Media on Nigerian Undergraduate

Rapid growth of popular online communication mediums has introduced new ways for the students to communicate. The vast array of social communication changes introduced by the relatively young prologue of social network site mandate the essences of this study. This study accessed the influenced social media (facebook in particular) on Nigeria youth in the higher… View Article

Facebook: Friend or Foe?

On September 7, 2012, Amanda Todd posted a 9-minute YouTube video entitled “My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self Harm,” which showed her using flash cards to reveal her experiences of being bullied. During the video, Amanda writes that when she was in seventh grade, she once used video chat to meet new people over… View Article

Friendship and Facebook

Facebook started out as a simple social networking site, and has now grown to be one of the biggest companies in the world. One would typically join the site to be social with others, but it seems like it is almost distancing people from one another. Facebook users tend to have hundreds of friends, but… View Article