Expressionism Essay Examples

Allowance for Individual Expression

With a clear understanding of their responsibilities, the team of principal- leaders and teacher-leaders have to have a shared commitment to both their purpose and the values. (Crowther 2000) On the process, though there may be some deviations, misconceptions, misunderstandings, the team strength continuously align its directions. There must be an atmosphere of trust before… View Article

Expressionism & art

Expressionism is a complex and often contradictory movement. It encompasses the excavation of the psyche while liberating the body. Expressionism generally refers to anything that was not impressionism; it could even include anti-impressionistic work. Up to the outbreak of World War I, the term “expressionism” was used to describe any art work that was fauviste,… View Article

Expressionism in Death of Salesman

From the opening flute notes to their final reprise, Miller’s musical themes express the competing influences in Willy Loman’s mind. Once established, the themes need only be sounded to evoke certain time frames, emotions, and values. The first sounds of the drama, the flute notes “small and fine,” represent the grass, trees, and horizon –… View Article

Modern Expressionism

The visit to LACMA museum made it apparent that art has many characteristics, one of them being an irreplaceable social role in our lives. While many consider art to be only a form of entertainment, it is apparent that our social values are reflected through art in a much more comprehensive way then through any… View Article

Differences between abstract art and expressionism

Expressionism is when an artist expresses an inclination towards the distortion of reality for emotional effect. While all art is expressionist to a certain extent, the distortion is of such a scale as to be further removed from the representation of objective reality than other styles. The objective of such a style is to emphasize… View Article

The effects of the industrial revolution in Europe

Private systems of art dealership have changed dramatically since their inception in Babylonian times (Shubik, Martin 2003). This essay will discuss one of the major changes that occurred during the industrial revolution in Europe in the 1800’s. I will be discussing what the role of an art dealer is, how the modern art dealership system… View Article

“Death Of Constable Scanlon” – Sidney Nolan

When Sidney Nolan painted the Ned Kelly series, he was interested in an ‘authentic national vision’. The first series was made up of 27 paintings from 1946-1947. The paintings all-together form a storyboard, telling the legend of Ned Kelly. One of them in particular is ‘Death of Constable Scanlon’. The series, including this one, were… View Article

Compare contrast Two Paintings

The First Steps by Marguerite Gerard & First Steps by Vincent van Gogh 3. Paris, A Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte & Rainy Day on Fifth Avenue 1893 by Childe Hassam. Describe the two paintings in detail so that your readers can easily visualize them without actually seeing them. Explain how the perspective, technique, and… View Article

Van Gogh’s Starry Eyes Brings Out a Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is probably his most famous painting. Instantly recognizable because of its unique style, this work has been the subject of poetry, fiction, CD-ROMs as well as the well known song “Vincent” or “Starry, Starry Night” by Don McLean. Starry Night was painted in the mental asylum of Saint-Remy, 13 months… View Article

Analysis of “The Potato Eaters” by Vincent Van Gogh

In 1883, after leaving his wife Sien and his children Vincent Van Gogh headed to Nuenen. Coming off a disturbing part of his life, which included the break up with his ex-wife with several issues and suffering from gonorrhea, he was having a considerably difficult time. In Nuenen, Van Gogh started to devote himself to… View Article

The Scream and Starry Night: Differences and Similarities

The Scream by Edvard Munch was painted in Norway in 1893 and is a product of the Expressionism period. This piece measures 3’x 2’5” and was created using oil paint on canvas. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh measures 2’5” x 3’ and was painted in France in 1889 using oil paint on canvas. This… View Article

Comparative Analysis of Two Vincent van Gogh’s paintings

Vincent van Gogh made “The Peasant Woman Cooking by a Fireplace” just after he completed “The Potato Eaters.” “Peasant Woman Cooking by a Fireplace” and the “Potato Peeler” both represent women working in the Nuenen period, spring 1885. Even though one of the paintings is a self-portrait and the other one shows a peasant women… View Article