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The winter Oak and the pieces of Silver

The soviet Union was formed in 1917 from the communist revolution so therefore became a country of industry and equality. “a heavy lorry with a trailer” this highlights the fact that the writer of the story, Nagibin, would have been brought up in this industrialised country. In The Winter Oak the writer presents the teacher/pupil… View Article

Great Expectations

QS. Look carefully at the opening chapters of “great expectations” and explore some of the ways in which Dickens captures and keeps the interest and attention of the reader. Explore also how social conditions of the time inform his writing. When Dickens writes he uses three methods to interest his readers, the presentation of character,… View Article

The Crucible and explore

Choose one character from “The Crucible” and explore how they change throughout the course of the play. The crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller and was first produced in 1953, during the middle of the McCarthy political witch-trials. The story is set in a little town of Salem, Massachusetts, where a lot of innocent… View Article

Explore the presentation of Heathcliffs

Explore the presentation of Heathcliff’s journey in Wuthering Heights, in the light of the Marxist Perspective. In Wuthering Heights, Bronti?? show’s Marxist view’s that ‘it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness’. Bront? first published her text in the form of a novel in… View Article

The Saffron Picker

The Saffron Picker by Judith Beveridge is a reflective poem that explores the themes of time and balance. Using the Buddhist sense of detachment and compassion Beveridge delves into the mind of a saffron picker, whose minute existence is used to explore the aforementioned themes. Through Beveridge’s short poem, the reader learns of the woman’s… View Article