Explanation Essay Examples

Explanation of method used

The correlational pattern used for this study explains that the connection or correlation between the two variables which are used is underlying in a measurement (John Davis, 1997). The depiction of the level of the variable’s relationship or is explained of how close they are to each other are made into a form of a… View Article

Assignment – Distributed Computing

The CTO is still impressed with your work. He just came back from a technology exposition where he heard about computer clusters. All he knows is that they are the big thing for businesses and he wants to explore the technology. Write a five page research essay explaining computer clustering, benefits, challenges, and potential applications…. View Article

Manti Te’O Case

By having read the comprising articles and the reader comments on the college football player Manti Te’o, this issue has many different meanings to many different readers. And as Gail Collins stated, “All I can say is, the story tells you a lot”, this open ended story clearly does give off a large amount of… View Article

Intro Speech Self-Evaluation

There was a bit of a confusion between us; she explained to me that the assignment was that we each had to write about each other and then switch papers and read it in class. This didn’t sound right to me because the way I understood the assignment was that I had to write about… View Article

The Open Window

Framton Nuttel enters the house of Mrs Sappleton. He is a young man from London suffering from nervous exhaustion, and he goes to the country side for some prescribed rest. He decideds to call upon Mrs Sappleton, an acquaintance of his sister’s. He is shown to the parlour by Mrs Sappleton’s niece, Vera, who entertains… View Article

One Minute Manager

The one minute manager is a short story which explains the three management procedures or techniques that a manager needs and can use to be the superlative manager that he can be. It begins with a man probing for an effective manager anywhere and everywhere throughout the world. He comes across many of these managers… View Article

Metaphors in Poetry

The use of metaphor in poetry is one of the most important aspects of poetic style that must be mastered. Metaphor can be described as figure of speech in which a thing is referred to as being something that it resembles. For example, a fierce person can be referred to as a tiger. Another example… View Article

Complexity of Poetry

Poetry is a way for the reader to openly interpret a poem in almost any way they see fit. Because there is so much freedom of interpretation with poetry, there leaves a lot of room for discussion and opposition. Billy Collin’s poem, “Introduction to Poetry”, breaks down the basic ways for interpreting and understanding a… View Article

Interpersonal interactions in health

Language Barrier/ Overwhelming Language. Mrs Singh and her husband speak minimal English. This would firstly be a barrier between the MDT staff present at the meeting and themselves. The MDT team are using jargon and large words that neither Mrs Singh nor her husband can understand because of their lack of English language. They would… View Article

What is the ‘covering law’ model of explanation?

Carl Hempel’s “covering law” model of explanation states essentially that an explanation for an event can be drawn from a set of general laws or, in the case of the social sciences, universal hypotheses. Hempel claims the study of history is not generally associated with the search for general laws governing historical events. However, history… View Article

Critical Analysis Essay

This section contains a summary of the article “What Cost Chris Dussold His Dream Job?” In his introduction, Bartlett explains how Mr.Dussold was a professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and was fired for “copying another professor’s teaching statement.” But further explains that Mr.Dussold says “that was not the real reason he was fired”… View Article

Early and Middle Adulthood Paper

In this paper, I will discus two theories that are related to early and middle adulthood. Also, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of the theories. The two theories that I have selected are Erikson’s Intimacy versus isolation to explain the early adulthood stage, and the Life Events Approach theory. In the… View Article

“Double Face” analysis from :The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan

Objectives: 1) Explain the most important theme(s) revealed by the author in my section of _The Joy Luck Club_. 2) Be sure to: A) follow all style rules B) give a clear opening statement that clearly identifies the subject In “Double Face” of _The Joy Luck Club_, Lindo Jong recounts her journey coming into America… View Article

Dispostional Personality Theories

The two most common dispositional theories are Allport’s psychology of the individual theory and the trait and factor theory. Allport’s psychology of the individual theory emphasized that people are unique, even though they may share traits in common, and those unique qualities are what should be focused on. “More than any other personality theorist, Gordon… View Article

On Social Theory In Social Work

We know where we have been, where we are now and where we need to go – but how do we get there? A map. Theory is a map. It notes any number of known landmarks (previously achieved or applied solutions) and obstacles (issues or problems) and gives us direction so that we are able… View Article