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The audience rea

Select three scenes from the play “Educating Rita” which you find the most poignant, explain why they are so powerful. As the director of the play what ideas would you want to put across to the audience and how may the audience react. Educating Rita is a comedy which raises significant social issues and is… View Article

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle

” This is a wonderful description, almost a photographic image for the reader, a description leaving a sense of, is this a man or a monster? This again adds to the already building tension for the reader, who continues to make his or her own deductions. We see almost immediately how brilliantly perceptive Sherlock Holmes… View Article

Refugee mother and her child by Chinua Achebe

Explain what the poem is about and how the poet conveys the emotions he feels. The poem is about Achebe’s encounter with a mother and child in a refugee camp. This mother was different from the other mothers as she still cherished and loved her son. The other mothers had already stopped caring for their… View Article

Discuss and Explain the plot and sub-plot

Metamorphosis is based around a central character called Gregor Samsa. He is a hard working young man who for a number of reasons, including pressure, he transforms into a beetle. There are other main characters in the play which include Greta Samsa, Mr. Samsa and Mrs Samsa, who are his sister, father and mother. The… View Article

What information is required in a binomial experiment?

A binomial experiment makes use of the principles of a binomial distribution. The following things are therefore required in a binomial experiment: 1) n, which represents the number of trials, 2) p, which indicates the probability of success for any one trial, and 3) x, which is number of successes desired. Give an application in… View Article