Expert Essay Examples

Expert system

Expert system is a field which covers artificial intelligence. They are computer programs that attempt to replicate the performance of a human expert on some specialised reasoning task. A great example where expert systems are being implemented is the protection of endangered species found in case study relating to expert system. At airports such as… View Article

Expert Opinion Modeling

Efforts to control for Barnum effects by contrasting ratings for bona fide computer-based reports with bogus CBTIs have led to mixed results. Although above-chance accuracy has been found for some instruments (eg, for the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory. and for the Marital Satisfaction Inventory review indicated that for CBTIs for other instruments (eg, the 16… View Article

Expert Systems (ES)

According to Ford (1991), an Expert system is an artificial intelligence technique that uses expert knowledge to solve complex decision problems which can be viewed as a computer simulation of a human knowledge. According to Engelmore and Feigenbaum (1993), the process of building such a system is known as knowledge engineering and its practitioners following… View Article

Rules-based and principles-based accounting standards

(A) Rules-based accounting standard Rule-based systems are fairly simplistic, consisting of little more than a set of if-then statements, but provide the basis for so-called “expert systems” which are widely used in many fields. The concept of an expert system is this: the knowledge of an expert is encoded into the rule set. When exposed… View Article

Expert system in motorcycle engine troubleshooting

People in different cities and provinces in the country, two-wheeled motor transport became useful for people going to work and in the business. People choose motorcycle than the four-wheeled transport for the following reasons: price, fuel efficient and easy maintenance service. It is fuel efficient for the reason that it consumes less fuel than a… View Article