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Convict in Great Expectations

Great Expectations starts off with Pip, the young poor boy-whose parents are dead-who lives with his aunt. He is poor and his aunt treats him badly and harshly. One day down at marshes by the churchyard Pip come into contact with a convict who is supplied food by Pip, later on the convict gets caught… View Article

Grate Expectations

Dickens creates an atmosphere setting in order to engage the interest of the reader at the beginning of the novel. Dickens used to serialise his novels. The story opens in an impressive way when he introduces us to pip in the graveyard because most of his family’s bodies are burred there. This makes the reader… View Article

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens is best known as a writer of novels, many of which are read today and regularly used in stage productions, on television and in the cinema. He was also a journalist, he used his stories to get across what he felt were important messages. Although he tried to get his message across he wanted… View Article

Great Expectations

During the novel we see Pip change from a ‘small bundle of shivers’ who is ‘afraid of it all’ into a proper ‘gentleman’. He becomes a snob after he is corrupted by the very ‘proud’, ‘pretty’ and ‘insulting’ Estella and the ‘corpse-like’ Miss Havisham, but eventually he realises what really does matter in life. As… View Article

Great Expectations And Relate These To The Novel As A Whole

Discuss the Significance Of The Events, Which Occur In Chapter Eighteen of Great Expectations And Relate These To The Novel As A Whole I shall now discuss the significance of chapter eighteen, and how the effects of this chapter relate to the whole novel, Great Expectations. In Great Expectations, the names of the characters symbolize… View Article

The novel Great Expectations

‘Great Expectations’ was written by Charles Dickens in the 19th century (1860-1861). It is said to be one of the classics of the English literary heritage and several film adaptations have been made of it. It first appeared in a weekly magazine called ‘All the year round’. ‘Great Expectations’ is a book in which Dickens… View Article

Great Expectations

Compare the ways in which tension is created in these two opening sequences of ‘Great Expectations’: David Lean’s 1946 version and Julian Jarrold’s 1999 version. In the beginning of Great Expectations we meet Pip, a lonely, fearful boy. In both opening sequences, Julian Jarrold and David Lean encourage the viewer to feel sorry for Pip. Both… View Article

Great Expectations

Dickens was known as one of the best authors and many of his books have stood the test of time. Great Expectations was first published in 1861 and to this present day remains to thrill and engage modern day readers. Clearly dickens must use a wide range of techniques to gain and sustain his reader’s… View Article

Great expectations

Chapter 11 sees Pip on his second visit to Satis House, and the early introduction of several important characters such as Jaggers and Herbert, who play vital roles in Pip’s later life and ‘great expectations’. Ms. Havisham’s poisoned and hateful mind can be seen through her malicious thoughts that are reflected through her choice of… View Article

Analysis of Major Characters in Great Expectations

Pip is the main character of this story. The whole plot of the novel revolves around him and his metamorphosis into an adult from an immature adolescent. 1. Immature: pip was highly immature. This characteristic in him can be clearly seen in pg 59 where he says ” but when she was gone, I looked about… View Article

Great Expectations

This passage starts with Pip arriving at the house and being led towards Miss Haversham’s room by Estella through a maze of passageways that are dark. Estella leaves Pip in the dark outside Miss Haversham’s room. Dickens repetitive use of the word “dark” strengthens the image to the reader. You are left in no doubt… View Article

Great Expectations

‘Great Expectations’ follows part of the life of Pip, whose full name is Phillip Pirrip, starting from when he is about 7 to the age of 23. It is narrated by Pip, when he is about 40, looking back on his younger days. Pip follows an unsettled life, having no parents and being led astray… View Article

Explore Joe Gargery’s role in Great Expectations

In Great Expectations, Joe acts as a father figure to Pip, when he is in fact his brother-in-law, as Joe married Pip’s sister, Mrs Joe Gargery. We are introduced to Joe as a “mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going, foolish, dear fellow”. Pip describes him as a kind and gentle man, making the reader immediately like him…. View Article

Moral Influence in Great Expectations

Show the Moral Influence on Pip in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations Symbolism as it is used in literature aims to project the internal aspects of an individual’s character through the external aspects in reality. Charles Dickens, in his novel, Great Expectations uses symbolism in order to reflect other individuals’ moral influence on Pip. Consider for… View Article