Evolution Essay Examples

The Lack of Evolution in the Detective Genre

Sherlock Holmes is probably the most famous detective in literary history. Therefore, it is not surprising that many authors in the 20th century have followed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s template when writing detective stories. For example, Agatha Christie’s character Hercule Poirot is nearly identical to Holmes. In this essay, I will compare “The Hound of… View Article

The processes involved

Charles Darwin evolution theory. This theory was first to come forth by Jean Baptiste de Lamarck who was the first French scientist, but Charles Darwin was the one who had significantly backed up evidence whereas Jean Baptiste just had an alternative theory. One of the two theory’s Jean Baptiste came up with was; an animal… View Article

Should Creationism

Throughout the world, there is a debate over whether the theory of evolution should be taught alongside the stories of Creation. In some states of America, Christian fundamentalists have succeeded in having the theory of evolution banned from schools and colleges. This shows how far people to get what they believe is right. There are… View Article

Outline the processes of evolution

Outline the processes of evolution and explain how theory of mind is an adaptation resulting from the selective forces that have operated during evolution. Evolutionary psychologists endeavour to understand how animal and human behaviour evolved and the adaptive functions that these behaviours would have had over time. They reflect on ultimate explanations and look for… View Article

Evolution of Human Figure in Sculpture

Depiction of human figures have dramatically changed through time. It was in sculpture that human physical dimensions were visibly illustrated. There have been many variations of the human body shown from the prehistoric to the modern period. In this research, three sculpture namely: statute of Gilgamesh, the Moschophoros and the statue of Augustus of Prima… View Article

Evolution and religion

“ Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind ”, said Albert Einstein. This essay concentrates on evolution, religion, and creationism. In the first phase these are defined, and later their relationships and controversies are discussed. A conclusive statement is made a the end. Evolution The theory of evolution by natural selection was… View Article

Evolution And Extinction

Evolution describes the progressive stages by which organisms existing today have emerged through processes of specialization, adaption and natural selection, from their pre-existing ancestors; it is the significant change in the traits of a population over several generations. On the other hand, extinction of a species of organism is the total disappearance of such forms… View Article

“The Origin of Species” Response

In “The Origin of Species”, Charles Darwin painstakingly explores the different character traits exhibited among species. He looks at natural selection as a way of explaining extinction and adaptation and tries to prove evolution as the main theory of human origin. He states, “this whole volume is one long argument” (362), and that is exactly… View Article

A Rebuttal to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

If there’s one thing that would make the highly religious person infuriated, that one thing would probably be the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin. Quite a rugged assumption but a little true nonetheless.             Religion, as a social institution, derives much of its foundations on several bearings; the most important being the Theory of… View Article

Qualifying Fish Evolution: The Classic Creationism or the Tetrapod Link?

I Introduction             Ichtyology as a branch of science that deals primarily with the study of fishes (“aquatic vertebrates”) and an important concept that is associated with the study is evolutionary history or the careful dissection of its past evolutionary forms and related families.             Fishes are non-tetrapod chordates that are aquatic-dwellers whose general physiological… View Article

Evolution Stuff

In the 1970s, an investigator named John Endler traveled to Trinidad in the 1970s to study wild guppies. The guppies live in small streams that flow down the mountains from pool to pool. The experiment will take part on an online simulation of Endler’s work. The group of members is responsible for collecting data, formulating… View Article

Evolution of Internet

In the beginning information was limited to newspapers, magazines, later went on to the radio and then the television. As time passed by the one-dimensional approach of information changed into a multi-dimensional trend setting phenomenon thanks to the internet. The convergence of mediums threw up huge areas of possibilities for data management and readership. So… View Article

Creationism vs Evolutionism

From the beginning of time there has been a controversy about how the world was created. At this time we can agree that there can only be one of two ways that the world could have been created, and that is scientifically or non scientifically. While in the world today mostly everything is being created… View Article

Evolution and South America

Charles Darwin, explained the diversity of life and developed the modern theory of revolution. Also, together with Alfred Russel Wallace,he proposed the principle of natural selection. He explained the natural selection as animals with variations better suited to their environment would have a better chance of survival and ability to breed. They would then pass… View Article

How Greek Mythology Influenced Christianity

After reading Malthus’ view, Darwin then noticed that if more organisms are produced than the ones that can survive, then they probably compete for resources. Darwin named this the struggle for existence. Darwin also knew that organisms had natural differences within their traits. He assumed that some of those are better suited to the environment…. View Article