Evaluation Essay Examples

Managing People Evaluation

I first developed my marketing skills, at the start of this project by attending the 2 day workshop of which was organised by Business Dynamics. This helped me broaden the knowledge of the general market and the different skills required in order to successfully market a product. I was assigned the marketing manager position for… View Article

Critical Evaluation Unto Us

Explain the message in the poem “Unto Us” by Spike Milligan. Then by close examination of poetic technique, explain how successful Milligan is in getting his message across. In the poem “Unto Us” by Spike Milligan the poet very effectively conveys his anti-abortion message by using various interesting poetic techniques. The poem is written in first… View Article

Adaptation Evaluation

Tom Bombadil: Add sense of mysteriousness. Boromir’s confession: Proud, arrogant warrior The “Spirit” of LOTR: Was it kept? Improvements. A new power has arisen. All must unite or fall divided. This is the story of the Lord of the Rings. The ring of power, forged in secret by the dark Lord Sauron contained all of… View Article

Crichton Smith Critical Evaluation

“Home” by Iain Crichton Smith is a short story which creates a sense of time and place. This essay will examine how the sense of place is shown in setting and will comment on the message the writer has. Jackson is a man returning to his hometown in Glasgow from South Africa. It becomes apparent… View Article

Wannabe Bank Robber

I was randomly placed in a group with five other people in my drama class; we were given several stimuli and were told to think up an improvisation for each. We did so and were then told witch of the stimuli we would actually be working on. We then decided that we would create a… View Article

An Evaluation of the European Computer Driving Licence

1. Introduction The research project includes the complete lifespan of the work from the rationale to the conclusion. I examine the reasons for conducting the research, how the Company might benefit from the experience and how trainers may reflect and add to their toolbox of skills and knowledge. The project also considers the background to… View Article

How the length of wire affects its resistance

The wire that I will be using should be the same one through out the whole experiment. That is why it was a good idea to do a preliminary to see the maximum electricity that the wire can take before it starts to melt. If the wire melts or burns then the whole experiment will… View Article

The Five People You Meet in Heaven coursework evaluation sample

1. Person 1 – The Blue Man – Evaluate your drama showing the connection between the Blue Man and Eddie. Our drama worked well because our group had the advantage of having three people in the group, which meant we could create a drama different from anybody else’s and develop the side range of idea… View Article

The digital stop clock

It is accurate because, it measures to 100ml 1. Pipette -To make sure the volume of acid used was as accurate as possible. The way we measured the acid was at eye level from the bottom of the meniscus. 1. gas syringe -To measure the volume of carbon dioxide gas produced. The syringe was precise… View Article

Evaluation for cake bases

In this project my aim was to produce a gift cake that could be mass produced and sold in a supermarket, in order to do this I had to research novelty cakes that are currently been sold in supermarkets. From the research I found that the target audience were usually children and occasionally adults. The… View Article

Effect of light intensity

Instead of watering each plant with 15cm3 a day I had to change the amount of water each plant received. I discovered that the water from the plant in complete darkness didn’t evaporate as quick of that in the plant in complete sunlight. I therefore watered the plant in complete darkness with 5cm3 of water… View Article

The spinners investigation

The prediction for this investigation is the shorter the wingspan of the spinner the faster it will fall the 2. 59m to the floor. I think this because with shortening the wingspan I’m making the surface area smaller this means less air resistance acting upon it when it is falling. There will be an unbalanced… View Article

Investigating the acceleration

The aim of this experiment is to investigate the motion of a trolley on a plane and compare the results with a mathematical model. Model’s Assumptions  No Friction – When creating the mathematical model I am going to assume that there is no friction acting upon the trolley. This is due to the fact that… View Article

Double displacement reactions

To gain a better understanding of the typical reaction of the addition of two binary compounds, and how the reaction of those two compounds can be predicted. III. Variables: ==>Dependent Variable: Reagents given, hence the solutions we make from these reagents, and the standard solubility rules. ==>Controlled Variables: The two reagents which we will react… View Article