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Euthanasia Position Paper – Against Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia Position Paper – Against Euthanasia

Many people don’t know what the word “Euthanasia” means, Euthanasia from Greek “εὐθανασία”, \”mercy killing\”, is the act or practice of ending a life of someone who is suffering for being sick or injured (humans or animals). Euthanasia has more than one meaning, the first one belongs to the historian Suetonius who talked about how Augustus died fast without suffering in his wife’s arm. Saying that he had got the mercy killing (Euthanasia) he wished for. The word “Euthanasia” at the beginning used in a medical context in the 17th century by “Francis Bacon” when he referred to an easy death or painless and a satisfying death, when it was their duty to make the people who suffer feel relaxed or stop suffering anymore. But is the Euthanasia conceder as a crime or not? Is it legal to end a life of a person in order to make them stop from suffering? Or it’s illegal because you don’t know if he can survive at the end of his suffering? There is also a law for the euthanasia but still, not everyone knows what is euthanasia and what does it mean and if it mercy or murder.

“Every day, rational people all over the world pray to be allowed to die. And sometimes they plead for others to kill them. Some are dying already . . . some of them want to die because they are unwilling to live in the only way left open to them” (Biggs, 2001). In Holland, it was reported that after several years of judicial toleration that ‘euthanasia’ finally became formally documented, and in Canada, they had 2,149 ‘euthanasia’ patients on their 1st year of legalized assisted suicide. There were 1982 reports for helping deaths, 1977 euthanasia death report, and 5 supported suicide deaths report In the 1st year since the legalization of euthanasia (June 17, 2016 – June 30, 2017). In Québec, there were 167 reports of euthanasia deaths before the government legalizing euthanasia (assisted death). Soon the 30 of June, there have been reported 2149 supported death in Canada.

The discussion about euthanasia is getting more intense in part at least and that’s because there is confusion about the terminology about the care at the end of life. The word “Euthanasia” firstly was meant ‘good death’ but in the modern society it became a death that is free from concern and from pain, overwhelmingly it brought about over the use of medication. Nowadays it has become to mean “mercy killing”, make an end to somebody’s life in order to spare him from suffering. Many people say that Euthanasia is a murder, and some other say that it is Mercy! So which M is it, is it considered as a murder or a mercy?, “To all who may think of this moment as the start and the bright light on their life, to others who may think about the end of this moment as the end of their suffering and the start of relieve . . . yes, to all who ask for relieving. Bless you, all.” (Basri, Z. 2012).

It is a serious problem in medical morals, as the intended intrusion to end a life in order to release an uncontrolled suffering and pain (Harris, 2001). Euthanasia is a primary problem in the world today. But it is still a negotiable question with not yet clear answers.
Over the years has been the target for the argument of ‘slippery slope’. Also, the meaning of euthanasia has been changing because of the changing of the views and policies. The historical used to think of euthanasia that it’s a painless and fast death. But it has been changed now, it meant for them to the ending of a life of the hopeless patients to cure.

The progress we have in medicine in the past years had late up our time with death. 200 years ago only like 8% of the people reach the age of 75, nowadays more than 58% of the population live longer. But while the progress of medicine increases, it also increases the chance of fatal illnesses. Nowadays waiting for death can be hard to endure. And duo to the progress in medicine the old and senescent people see the end or their death take much longer. But it’s true that we take longer to die nowadays than the past, but now it makes us feel less pain than we used to feel in the past for those who suffer sickness or pain, but it’s not without mental suffering.

In the conclusion, the argument about the euthanasia “mercy killing” may never end there are many people with and many are against it, this argument is hard to be solved. Some say that if someone wants to die you just should let him it’s his decision people need to take their own decision sometimes and why it is the death penalty (killing someone for committing a crime) is legal but euthanasia is not legal?. Some others say we should never allow for that and they should handle this pain now and they may get better soon or someday. In my opinion, we shouldn’t just give up on someone’s life he may actually get better late it could be just a bad time but after it, they will be better by medicine and by believing in God and that God can cure them they just need to have faith in him. But it’s still all about the person’s opinion, what is yours?.

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