Europe Essay Examples

The Victorian time

Of Mice and Men explains the isolations of humans, it says that there are isolation because of something within themselves, something which almost seems to make their loneliness inevitable. Different characters seek comfort and solace in different things, for Candy it is his dog, for George and Lennie it is each other. This essay will… View Article

A view from the bridge

Upon hearing the story of Vinny Bolzano in the first scene of the play, we are immediately introduced to the aggression of Sicilian justice, and are given a glimpse of events that are to unfold. After Beatrice has told Catherine the story of Vinny Bolzano, Eddie exclaims ‘On his own Uncle! ‘, expressing disgust that… View Article

You Sherlock Holmes are now knighted

He also thought that I was the best detective in Europe. I took him into my study. We both sat down in the study and he said that he was no other than the king of bohemia, my heart started to go a little faster. (But when I was I detective I took cocaine to… View Article

Video games

This is very useful as it tells the staff in GAME quickly and efficiently about the availability of software in the shop. It allows them to inform questioning customers. GENERAL SECURITY  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) – this device is used to monitor everything that is happening. They are based everywhere in the company, in every… View Article

The history of soap operas

Media informs our lives everyday it is a big part in all our life, people watch TV programmes and take it as a new life style or religion, like pop idol and the world cup they generate discussion. Soap Operas use a lot of stereo and TV devices to get the message across to people… View Article

Europe 1780-1900

The industrial process which took place during this period and the expansion of capitalism which accompanied it clearly had an important effect on family life during this time . Yet whether the family experience was dramatically ‘altered’ due to a significant change in the role of women in the workplace , particularly in an economic… View Article

Work, Culture, and Society In Industrializing America 1815- 1919

It is historian Herbert G. Gutman’s thesis that the conflicts between the working class and the non working class resulted in a departure from its values and principles. The working class did not want this departure to happen; it was only the inevitable result of the growing industrialization. The conflicts between the rest of society… View Article

Why was Prussia able to win the war with Austria in 1866?

1866 saw a complete change in the political structure of the German speaking nations, Prussia finally broke free of the shackles imposed on her by a dominant Austria. Since the 15th century, Austria had always been considered the natural leader of the German states. The Habsburg family had always been accustomed to ruling and dominating,… View Article

To what eExtent was the late middle ages

Possibly the most important weakness and therefore cause of instability was the elective Monarchies similar to those of the Holy Roman Empire. The rulers of the Eastern realms, generally descendants of the Jaogiellons, had not proven to be effective in resisting the noble’s independence and by 1516 the monarchy had conceded to giving the ruling… View Article

Why was public opinion so outraged by the Treaty of Versailles?

The Allied imposed Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919. Significantly it must be noted that in comparison to the German imposed Treaty of Brest-Litovsk or the proposed settlement for the defeated Allies it was on the whole forgiving, however universally it rankled in the minds of the entire of the German population,… View Article

Russia, 1905 – 1917, The Causes of Revolutionary Change

Q3. Using your knowledge of the events of 1917 (March – November) explain how the Bolsheviks were able to take over the government in November. The Bolsheviks were able to take over the Government in November 1917 by exploiting the mistakes made by the Provisional Government, their unique ideology, Lenin’s policies and propaganda, and an… View Article

Mussolini’s foreign policy 1922-1939

“How far do the sources suggest consistent aims in Mussolini’s foreign policy 1922-1939?” Source 1 is two dispatches from the British Ambassador to Rome, Sir Ronald Graham written in January 1923 and June 1923 respectively. The significance of the author can be viewed in two ways. Firstly one might conceive that as he is obviously… View Article

How successful was Louis XVIII as the King of France?

In April 1814, Napoleon abdicated from the throne unconditionally due to other European monarchs rising against him. This meant the question erupts to who was going to rule France. This decision fell on the shoulders of the quadruple alliance (Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia), who then decided to restore the Bourbon Dynasty that had ruled in… View Article

Was the USSR able to defeat Germany by 1945

Why, despite the disasters of 1941, was the USSR able to defeat Germany in 1945? The war between the USSR and Germany lasted for four years and over 27 million soviets died, however what was it that made the USSR able to defeat Germany in the end? The USSR was only just establishing and had… View Article

For the Want of a Change: The Quest for a Republic

The social unrest in France allowed for Enlightenment ideals of democracy to instigate revolt and eventually, a revolution. The Enlightenment thinkers significantly influenced France and their ideas regarding a democratic state flourished during a time of turmoil because the people of France were dissatisfied with the current administration. This led to revolt and revolution. The… View Article