Ethnography Essay Examples

Ethnography – Amish Religion

In the modern era of technological and scientific advances such important life values as morality, feelings, and faith in particular still play key part in life of many people throughout the whole world. Regardless of various religions practiced globally, the Amish people attract attention of many scholars, scientists, and sociologists owing to their distinctive traditions,… View Article

Ethnographic Research Study

In the field of Anthropological studies, sociocultural anthropology has two considered major components namely ethnography and ethnology. Ethnography, which is the first component, is the system or the process wherein ethnographers tend to create a documentation of a specific place or society. Ethnography basically means writing the culture or simply culture writing. Often at times,… View Article

Ethnographic Process – Homo Narrans

With her assertion in Number Our Days that humankind is a species of homo-narrans, Barbara Myerhoff describes us as story-telling creatures. We identify, express, discover and categorize ourselves based on the legends and lore of our cultural heritage as well as the anecdotal accounts of our personal lives. The works we have read support Myerhoff’s… View Article

Analysis of Elijah Anderson’s Ethnography

Elijah Anderson’s Code of the Street takes an in-depth look into the world of crime based upon the conditions in which people find themselves, like poverty, unemployment, and drug use, and illustrates that the behaviors are definable under a “code of the street,” in which even people who strive to get good jobs and move… View Article

Ethnography Project

It is just not simple learning, it reincarnates ones belief not in believing what we observe and observe what believe utterly blind folded (Walter, 2004). This practice of ethnography would leave no man untouched, unheard of others’ faith. We all become welcoming if we welcome ethnography. Mr. Rashid and his gregarious family Ethnography by far… View Article

Cultural Ethnography Assignment

It was July 18th, the day I was anxiously waiting for. I dressed decently and headed for the Chinese family gathering party which was held at a home in New York City. I was able to arrive just on time, and luckily enough my friend Ch’ing who invited me for the party saw me before… View Article

Anthropology Midterm Exam Review

Culture: The system of meanings about the nature of experience that are shared by a people and passed on from one generation to another, including the meanings that people give to things, events, activities, and people. Ethnocentrism: The tendency to judge the beliefs and behaviours of others from the perspective of one’s own culture. Ethnocentric… View Article