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Ethnographic Research Study Essay

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Ethnographic Research Study

In the field of Anthropological studies, sociocultural anthropology has two considered major components namely ethnography and ethnology. Ethnography, which is the first component, is the system or the process wherein ethnographers tend to create a documentation of a specific place or society. Ethnography basically means writing the culture or simply culture writing. Often at times, ethnography’s products are being adapted

Or created as novels, it could also be a move, a poem, or simply a written book (Haviland). On the other hand, Ethnology as the second considered major component of sociocultural anthropology is the way of systematically studying the different ways of life as well as cultures. This anthropological study is often made in a certain region and before it could be done, a certain anthropologist should read or watch any ethnography that would provide information about that certain region to be studied (Haviland).

In general the ethnography gathers information and creates theories that would be of a great use or help to understand why differences in culture occur or what are their similarities while the ethnography is much more on the field jobs wherein they mingle with the society; do as what the people in the society do, eat what they eat, and live the way that the certain society’s people live (Haviland). The urgent anthropology is a release of the complexity of a certain culture in times of needs in order to create documentation before an anthropologist could not be able to do it for some threatening situations.

This kind of anthropology is contributed by Franz Boaz and sooner was used by the other researchers towards the indigent people. On the other hand, the advocacy anthropology is explained as a branch of developing anthropology which is focused on defending, showing or presenting, and giving support to those disenfranchised society or group of people who do not have the courage or idea to do so and to promote their group’s interest (Haviland).

Anthropologists always check their lists before starting their field study; first they must adopt some of the must-need theoretical perspectives, then before going to the destination, they should create or formulate their research design, then they’ll go analyzing the available data for additional information about the field work destination. This is for the anthropologists to be systemized and sure onwards their field research (Haviland).

Mapping is important because it illuminates the important features of the certain culture that a certain anthropologist study’s about of which, on the other hand, cannot be seen. This is in order for the anthropologists to present or show the environment adopted by the certain culture that he or she is studying with. Mapping is also important in order for the anthropologists to secure the land, to be able to manage the land’s resources and to strengthen the culture of the land they are studying with (Haviland).

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