Ethnic Minority Groups Essay

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Ethnic Minority Groups

The poster is an image of a young Afro-Caribbean man aggressively pointing to the camera with the words “who are you calling a coconut? ” slashed across his mouth. He looks quite aggressive, angry and proud because he is disgusted at the remarks of being called a coconut but he is proud to be in the army. He looks like he’s on the attack ready to make his point and be heard. He is pointing his finger at other people of ethnic minorities challenging them to join the army. He wants to know why they are calling him a coconut.

He wants to show them that its not only white people in the army. He’s asking them if they know anything about the army. The Language used in the poster indicates a challenge being made. This challenge is to persuade people to join the army. To try and attract more ethnic minority men and women to join and also to realise that there are already some there. However, it is an aggressive piece of language and could be taken offensively by the very people they want to attract.

The poster is designed to persuade ethnic groups to join the army. I feel they may have failed to do this as it could be regarded as offensive and could put them off. The words used are very blunt and could be taken as a challenge. If ethnic minorities want to stamp out racism in the army one way it can be done is by joining it and make changes within it. However the advert could be seen as confirming that people in the army call people by racist names. This will result in less ethnic groups joining the army.

The small print however is completely right but this will be ignored because of the opening sentence. I think this would be a better campaign if all the writing were the same size to enable the reader to find out what the army is really about. I find the poster interesting because it makes a valid point and talks about relevant issues. I feel this is made worthless though, by the way it is presented. The whole campaign relies on how the first statement is taken “who are you calling a coconut? ” I think this is to risky

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