Ethnic groups Essay Examples

Paiute Indians

Paiute (sometimes written as Piute) is the name given to two related groups of native Americans — the Northern Paiute of California, Nevada and Oregon, and the Southern Paiute who originate in the modern day states of Arizona, southeastern California and Nevada, and Utah. The web page Paiute says that the southern group moved in… View Article

Ethnic tribes and differences of the Afghan – Muslim people

Muslims are people who believed in Islam and offer themselves to Allah and his teachings. Although there had been noted different kinds and tribes of Muslims according to their place of residence and worship, all share the same manner of beliefs and traditions. Among these Muslim tribes is the Afghan – Muslims that are noted… View Article

Religious and Ethnic Groups

The religious group is chose was Jehovah’s Witnesses. I did some online research and also asked my children’s Foster Mother, Regina Metzger the questions. I wanted to see what the differences of what I found online and what she said the beliefs were. So this is a mixture of what I got from my online… View Article

Misconception of Identifying Ethnic Groups by Cultural Elements

Misconception of Identifying Ethnic Groups by Cultural Elements The common misconception in relating ethnicity and culture is to define ethnic groups by cultural elements. Firstly, ethnic group is a category of people which is bound together by common characteristics that differentiate them from other groups. On the other hand, culture is a system of knowledge… View Article