Ethics Essay Topics

Computer program

Discuss the ethics of developing a computer system that track large numbers of their citizens and thair actions? THERE ARE NO ETHICS INVOLVED IN IT. IT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. CELL PHONES ARE JUST GPS TRANSMITTERS AND CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS DO A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF SHOWING WHAT A PERSON IS DOING. NOT PARANOID, JUST… View Article

Air traffic control

Situation 1: Adapted from WAFBLA “Everyone Else Does It! ” Ethics Project You have been struggling in your Engineering Models class. The content does not come easily, so you have put in countless hours to understand and do the assignments. There is another student who breezes through the assignments, getting high marks for the work… View Article

Virtue ethics

1. 0 Introduction Different cultures have different way of thinking. With the coming of Christianity, a new set of ideas emerged. The Christians, like the Jews, viewed God as a lawgiver, and so laws will be the key to righteous living. For the Greeks, the life of virtue was in related to the life of… View Article

Virtue ethics

Today the Arms Procurement Commission began public hearings into what appears to be the biggest corruption scandal in the history of South Africa. Apply the Global Business Standards Codex and explain if and how the Defense Department used these principles, what they could have done differently if the Codex was applied GLOBAL BUSINESS STANDARDS CODEX…. View Article

Virtue ethics

As a physician, a person has to choose between his/her duties – the job you are commanded to do or his moral and what it is the right thing to do. Although, as we all know doctors are supposed to help to preserved life not otherwise. I asked one of my family members who is… View Article

Certified General Accountant

As a Certified General Accountant (CGA), ethics are a fundamental requirement. CGAs affect the welfare of their clients and also the wider stakeholder-society. It is crucial to work in accordance with the six CGA Canada Code of Ethical Principles. Fraud and negligence do occur however and they have negative implications on the professional, the client,… View Article

Business ethics

-Ethics derived from the Greek word ethos – which refers to the conventional customs and norms of a given culture – the term ethics can be understood in two ways: • as a traditional field of philosophical inquiry dating back to ancient Greece, which is concerned with values as they relate to human conduct; and… View Article

Normative ethics

Metaethics talks about the nature of ethics and moral reasoning. Discussions about whether ethics is relative and whether we always act from self-interest are examples of meta-ethical discussions. In fact, drawing the conceptual distinction between Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and Applied Ethics is itself a “metaethical analysis. ” Normative ethics is interested in determining the content… View Article

Normative ethics

1. Identify the facts that might give rise to ethical issues 2. Stakeholders that you would talk to in the task – you are the chief ethics officer (CEO) – describe company that you’re working in – IT related. As a CEO, come out with guidelines about the ethical use according to the scenario 3…. View Article

Critical thinking

I value individual balance when I am seeking to satisfy my duties. This is known, as temperance; meaning moderation or self-restraint. As you continue to read, I will be discussing a little on critical thinking, responsibility and I will also point out a couple down falls. You will discover briefly, how I feel about responsibility… View Article

Philosophy of life

Do most companies have an obligation to create and enforce a code of ethics? Explain why or why not. What are some specific code of ethics mentioned in the text and readings? Most companies are not obligated to create and enforce a code of ethics but it is in the best interest of the company… View Article

Jean-Paul Sartre

As we grow and become an adult that is able to form our own opinion is almost like a rite of passage because reading over the six steps almost seems like I have been a part of each step at some point in my life. When I was growing up I think relating to Stage… View Article

Severance package

Sir, as VP of Human Resources, I would advise you to highly reconsider your proposal to reduce incentive payments for salespeople and implementing a month-long layoff for all production workers. Although you are legally within your rights to do so, however from an ethical stand point, reducing incentive payments and laying off some of our… View Article

Professional Ethics

1. Clearly, Dr. Conrad Hadenuf is not justified in his refusal to attend the substance abuse re-training program. His refusal to participate in the workshops merely because of his self-perceived superiority and achievements shows his negative and unprofessional attitude towards opportunities in improving his practice. His lack of interest and inactive participation during the workshop… View Article

Business ethics

Introduction EDM *** For the purpose of this research, we will look at the factors which influence an individual to engage in unethical behaviour, which is defined as any organizational member action that violates widely accepted societal and moral norms (Rest, 1986). It may be useful to note that unethical behaviour does not equate to… View Article