Ethical Theories Essay Examples

Governor Phillip

In this essay, I would like to examine the respective educational theories of the two men: Professor Higgins Pygmalion and Governor Phillip Our Country’s Good. Both men believe in the process of amelioration: that is, both believe in the redemptive power of ‘fine language’; if people speak fine language, they will find themselves morally or… View Article

Three Theories of Art

Harold Osborne (Aesthetics and Art Theory) identified three basic ways in which we can think about works of art. In the simplest sense, a work of art has certain physical properties. It is made of a material (e. g. , wood, marble, clay, paint on canvas, ink on paper) which possesses texture, contains shapes, occupies… View Article

Ethical Theories

Moral dilemmas are a part of daily life and the solutions presented to them are usually dependent on the ethics that govern the individual facing them. Every person at one point in time has been faced with a moral dilemma. This can be described as the values which are used to determine the right way… View Article

Identifying ethical theories

Ethical behavior is that behavior which is morally right and also that behavior which people accept as good behavior, traditionally philosophers came up with theories that help define and determine morally right behavior some of the traditional ethical theories include the virtue theory, the Kantian theory, the Deontological theory and the Utilitarianism theory, this theories… View Article

Nodding Ethics of Care and the Four Standard

Ethics is a study of human conduct in relation to his moral principles. These moral principles may be regarded as the behavior or conducts that human psychology has adopted or the way on which the obligations and specific duties of the society demands from its members. (Carol, 1982) The ethics of care is an ethical… View Article