Personal Moral Essay

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Personal Moral

The personal moral that has the most impact on how I go about living my life is self-respect. Self-respect impacts my life in such a way that has guided me in the right direction and will continue to assist me in the positive direction as I go through life. Establishing self-respect resulted in creating my own identity that has been a foundation for my lifestyle.

When I established that strong foundation of self-respect, I began to carry myself as a leader amongst my peers and not give in to common mistakes that come through acts of peer pressure. A sense of self-respect has also resulted in me effectively using my common sense and avoiding preventable and unnecessary errors.

By valuing my self-respect, I can respect others and treat them with a sense of worth, as I would expect people to treat me. In order to be successful as a FBI agent, I must respect the multitude of diverse people, opinions, and circumstances that are present in the world. My self-respect has directed me to choose to surround myself with like-minded people who also have positive genuine attitudes, positive traits, and are working to establish and achieve their goals. Self-respect has assisted in my decision-making and problem solving processes.

Because I value my self-respect, I have pride and dignity in everything I do. Self-respect is needed in my life’s journey towards independence. Self-respect is not an option for me but is a mandatory principle of my life. It allows me to be open to accepting various viewpoints and constructive criticism from others so that I can become mentally and morally secure and empowered. The enhancements that self-respect adds to the overall outcome of my life’s lessons are the significant influences that increase the gained benefits of my life’s experiences.

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