Error Essay Examples

Random error

The fixed resistance that gives me the greatest range of results is 1000 ?. Interestingly this happens to be the same resistance as the resistance of the thermistor at 25 i?? C Response time The response time of my sensor depends upon how quickly the thermistor reacts to a change in the temperature of the… View Article

Mood Effects on Fundamental Attribution Error

A series of experiments were conducted and found that several negative moods are responsible for decreasing the Fundamental Attribution Error, and positive moods are known to increase the FAE as it is influenced by the information processing consequences of the affective states. The initial experiment showed how happy mood was able to enhance and the… View Article

Language acquisition

Psychological principles of SLA form the foundation stones for building a comprehensible understanding of the acquisition of the linguistic system. The studies was centered on the contrasts between the native lang and the target lang (contrastive analysis) and the effect of the native on the target lang (cross linguistic influence). 1-The contrastive analysis Hypothesis It’s… View Article

Try and try, one day you can fly

WE need more acceptance of error, of being wrong. This might sound an odd proposition. Most of us strive to avoid mistakes, at work and home. We bring up our children to answer exam questions correctly rather than incorrectly. And yet, despite our desire to be right, error is necessary. It is part of what… View Article

Circuit Board Fabricators Case Study

This case study is about Circuit Board Fabricators, Inc. which manufactures circuit boards for several companies like Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard to name a few. Circuit Board Fabricators, Inc. plant was designed to produce 1000 boards per day but they cannot meet such production levels as their process engineer insists. On a good day, Circuit… View Article

Spelling Matters

In this passage, “Spelling Matters”, Mikita Brottman argues that having spelling errors on a resume, are grounds for instant rejection. A couple of years ago Brottman was on a hiring committee when a candidate had entered the room with an unordinary resume. This candidate had experience and qualifications for the positon. However Brottman notice she… View Article

Human Factor in Aviation Maintenance

Abstract In the aviation industry, human error is consider as a major factor in most aviation accidents. Maintenance tasks that are performed incorrectly or are overlooked by maintenance crew would cause human errors. Examples of human errors in maintenance are installation of incorrect parts, essential checks not being performed and failed to install wanted parts…. View Article

Maintaining Patient Safety

Maintaining Patient Safety When working in an acute care setting such as a hospital, safety is the number one priority. A safe environment greatly reduces the risk for illness or injury. It’s not only for the patient; it’s also for the healthcare provider. For a nurse, it begins when she/he meets the patient. She must… View Article

Discussion About Multimeter

Discussion. 1. When we want to measure voltage reading, the multimeter must be parallel with the component that we want to measured. The red on the high voltage side, and black on the lower. When measuring current, amperes, the multimeter must be in series with the component. Remove one side of the component and connect… View Article

Econometric Methods

Part A. Multiple choice questions Answer each question by circling one and only one answer. Each question is worth 3 marks (total 30 marks). 1. When estimating a linear probability model using OLS: a. The estimators are biased because errors are necessarily heteroskedastic b. The slope coefficient estimates cannot measure changes in the predicted probability… View Article