Equity Essay Examples

A Role for Equity Theory in the Turnover Process

The purpose o f the present study was to examine the role o f equity theory in the context of the contemporary turnover process. A model was developed and tested with 192 hospital employees using structural equation modeling (SEM), which placed satisfaction and intention to quit as mediators of employee turnover. The results strongly support… View Article

Unconscionable contract

INTRODUCTION In the past fifteen years the concept of unconscionablitity has become a significant theme in the Australian law of contract. Liberal theories, which locate freedom of contract as central, have been tempered by an increasing emphasis on justice and conscionable conduct in contractual relations. Virginia courts have defined an unconscionable contract to be “one… View Article

Mini Case Luxury Wars

Hermes decided to list 25% of Hermes SA on the French stock market in 1993. This was done to provide family members with a means to value their stake in the company as well as partially cash-out if they felt their family dividends were not enough. 2.LVMH was able to attain such a large ownership… View Article

Breach of Contract & Remedies

A breach of contract occurs where a party to a contract fails to perform, precisely and exactly, his obligations under the contract. This can take various forms for example, the failure to supply goods or perform a service as agreed. Breach of contract may be either actual or anticipatory. Actual breach occurs where one party… View Article

Case1 : King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc

Fact: Dr King is hired by Bio Chem. She signed a special contract that specifies a period of probation. During this period, she can be let go but you have to be known the wrong behavior in order to be able to rectify it. If the wrong behavior persists then your contract will be terminated…. View Article

International Marketing and Management

1. Preface As the neo-classic theory, the information model (McCracken, 2005) within advertising is based on the idea of homo economicus – the rational human being or the rational consumer. According to this theory the consumers evaluate products on a rational basis and buy the goods which are assessed to optimise their self-interest. Thus the… View Article