Epic Essay Examples

The Ramayana and The Mahabharat

The Ramayana and The Mahabharat are the two celebrated Hindu epics in India. In both the epics, especially in The Mahabharat, we find a gallery of portraits. The Ramayana too has sundry characters who contribute a lot in shaping the plot of the venerated epic. The age in which these two epics had been placed… View Article

Epic of Gilgamesh

From the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, historians put on record one of the oldest story of man, and his existence on the Earth. Through the story of King of Urk, Gilgamesh, we are made to understand true meaning of our life and the inevitability of death. Written somewhere around 2000 BC in Sumerian language, it… View Article

Plantation Epic

Erskine Clarke’s Dwelling Place: A Plantation Epic is a product of a decade of research about the biography of Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. Presented in a narrative, the book reflected on four generations of the plantation and its residents. It provided views from the masters and the slaves, the whites and the blacks. It was… View Article

Who is the better Epic Hero: Sundiata v. Gilgamesh

Sundiata which practices the Malian culture is symbolic of a perfect epic hero because being generous and highly favored, protecting your kinship, being loved by all and earning your fortune is highly respected. However, in the Mesopotamian culture the highly respected personality traits of the Malian’s were not important because their epic hero Gilgamesh did… View Article

Gilgamesh and Enkidu

The idea of finding your “soul mate” is often a worry of many, but what some people seem to forget is that your soul mate doesn’t have be to an intimate relationship it can be friendly. For example, Enkidu and Gilgamesh, from The Epic of Gilgamesh, become very good friends, best friends if you will,… View Article

Beowulf: A Comparison between Hrothgar and Beowulf

Throughout history, kings have been the primary figure in kingdoms and territories. People looked to these authoritative figures for many different things ranging from religion to leadership and guidance. The heroic epic Beowulf takes the concept of kingship and elaborates on it through the roles of two very different characters: King Hrothgar and Beowulf. In… View Article