Entrepreneur Essay Examples


Personality traits of an entrepreneur depend on number of factors. There have been various researches and studies in order to understand these factors and the relationship between these factors and entrepreneur personality traits and characteristics. Personality and behavioral factors, environmental factors, action factors, social and cultural factors and political and legal factors impact the personality… View Article

Mark Cuban

This documentary focuses on the life and contributions of entrepreneur Mark Cuban as an author, innovator, and businessman. Narrated by sports journalist Skip Bayless, most of the documentary is centered on Cuban’s ownership of many different businesses and contributions to the Fallen Patriot Fund. The opening of the documentary shows a video of Mark Cuban… View Article

Different Definition of Entrepreneur

a.) Entrepreneur is a loanword from French and was first defined by the Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon as the person who pays a certain price for a product to resell it at an uncertain price, thereby making decisions about obtaining and using the resources while consequently admitting the risk of enterprise. b.) An Entrepreneur is… View Article

Nine Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

1. Motivation Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, optimistic and future-oriented. They believe they’ll be successful and are willing to risk their resources in pursuit of profit. They have high energy levels and are sometimes impatient. They are always thinking about their business and how to increase their market share. Are you self-motivated enough to do this, and… View Article

Concept of Education

Education involve training of entire person to enable them not only to read, write and calculate or to be proficient in a given job but also to enable them to fit themselves for living in the society, therefore, it is the training of a person intellectually, morally and physically. It is also an instrument for… View Article

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is based on the past, present and future of entrepreneurship in Pakistan and internationally worldwide. The essential part of this report is the issues that the female entrepreneurs are facing in Pakistan and what opportunities should be given to them because this will lead the country towards the prosperity. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship… View Article

Customers’ culture

Once, one of our teachers told us that in order to ensure the success of our business, we must associate our potential products with the culture of our target market. It is in fact better if we are able to make our products become part of the customers’ culture itself. This is because doing so… View Article

Most Commonly Cited Characteristics Found in Successful Entrepreneur

There has been extensive research conducted on the characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess. These attributes vary widely across literature, however there are common key traits that are required to achieve any form of success. Frederick et al (2013) suggest entrepreneurs are risk takers, optimistic, have sound judgement and an ability to manage. While a review… View Article

Speech about entrepreneurship and franchising

Introduction Hello everybody! Thank you for inviting me, I am glad to see so many cheerful, and healthy, young business college students here today. First let me introduce myself; my name is Mark Rice, and I am the dean of the Babson Business School in Wilson, Massachusetts. I am here to share with you my… View Article

Donald Trump Entrepreneur Essay

Donald Trump is a world acclaimed businessman who has inspired millions of readers to succeed, myself included. I chose to write his biography because I was enticed by his trials and triumphs in the business arena. I admire him for his courage in venturing to different businesses and writing books that share the most useful… View Article

Entrepreneurs born or made?

The following assignment will critically evaluate the statement to whether entrepreneurs are born or made. The Business Dictionary (2014) defines an entrepreneur as “Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be… View Article

Assignment Writing Guide

INTRODUCTION While your assignment comprises only 25% of your subject grade, it serves an important function in helping you focus on the concepts and clarify your learning. In this sense, the assignment prepares you for the exam, which is much more heavily weighted at 75%. Scoring well on the assignment can sometimes mean the difference between… View Article

Entrepreneurship Study

Entrepreneurship, retrieved from http://businessdictionary.com, “The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.” As a business management student, I understand the idea of business itself. In my opinion; risk, capital, innovation, and proper management, are the four key factors that… View Article

Small capital in Philippines

This chapter consists of brief summary of articles, findings of the study that are related to the present study. It contains foreign and local literature, foreign and local studies. Local Literature According to Mishell M. Malabaguio of entrepreneur magazine Philippines, Small capital, easy set-up and a good chance of success are just some of the… View Article

Interview with an Entrepreneur

The restaurant was founded in 2006 in Lodz. From the beginning, it was a restaurant with possibilityto organize closed parties like birthday party, wedding and so on. After market confrontation,restaurant was changed into a pub oriented directly to teenagers. The organization of events waspreserved. The company employed  in the beginning 3 people, then 8… View Article