Enron Essay Examples

Enron Corporation

I   The Beginning When Enron Corporation declared a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2001, it left the public especially its investors and stockholders reeling from such financial scandal and collapse.  Enron had allegedly overstated its profits by $586 million since 1997 in order to protect the firm’s balance sheet and practiced insider trading as well… View Article

Business Law Enron/WorldCom

1. Introduction The goal of a large number of criminal acts is to obtain as much as profit for the individual or group that carries out the act. Just like bribery or robbery, accounting scandals that shock telecommunications industry within the past two years, also have similar intention that is to make money to benefit… View Article


Enron is the story of the largest bankruptcy in the history of the United States. Through a variety of accounting tricks relating to partnerships, the company was able to inflate its profit and lower its debt. Enron executives earned millions through these partnerships and by selling stock before its demise while employees lost pension plans… View Article

Enron and Corporate Ethics

On December 2, 2001, Enron Corporation, then the seventh largest publicly traded corporation in the United States, declared bankruptcy. That bankruptcy saw thousands of Enron employees and shareholders losing their jobs and their investments. Enron’s fall sent shockwaves to all corners of the business world. A Fortune 400 company with all the appearances of stability… View Article

Enron and Mississippi

The actions of John Law of the Mississippi scandal can be compared with those of Kenneth Lay of the Enron scandal on the grounds that both were in effect the CEO’s of the companies that chartered the defrauding of so many people. Both men seemed to have an extraordinary ability to make money and to… View Article

Enron’s Grandeur

How can Enron Corporation, one of the biggest companies in the world, suddenly collapsed with claims of bankruptcy after being named “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years? What went wrong and who were responsible for its downfall? With Enron’s huge investment in all its 30 business offerings, products and services worldwide, what could… View Article

In Focus: The Enron Scandal

This corporation was identified by Fortune as America’s Most Innovative Company 1996 to 2001 (Lindstrom par. 1). It was garnered as the 7th largest company on the Fortune 500 list in the US in 2000 and it placed sixth in the largest energy company in the world in 2000 (“Enron Corporation” par. 6). Who does… View Article


Enron market capitalization exceeded $60 billion by the growth of 50% in a decade. But the company collapsed after the revelation of $1. 2 billion with the hidden debt. Enron grown in such a way by providing real value to its customers. But how the hidden debts are existed? Anyhow the Enron collapsed with innovative… View Article


Enron was a corporation founded in 1985, when a merger combined Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth (Thomas, 2002). Throughout the first five years of Enron’s existence, they had many struggles. According to Salter (2005), the first years had many “near death” experiences. Eventually Enron was able to prevail over their many “near death” experiences. In… View Article

Arthur Anderson Questionable Accounting Practices: Ethics And Advocacy

1. Discuss how the issues with the Arthur Anderson case may have played out differently if the Sarbanes-Oxley Act had been enacted in 1999. The provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley Act help minimize the likelihood of auditor failing to identify accounting irregularities by the following requirements: 1). Improving the internal control. Auditors comment on the internal control… View Article

Corporate Ethics Failure – A Critical Analysis

Arthur Andersen, in 1913 established a corporate entity that for decades provided a benchmark for auditing and consulting in the accounting industry. From the onset Mr. Andersen worked to build a foundation for his company representative of the principles of excellence in the technical and ethical aspects of his new company. His ethical model focused… View Article

Primer on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002

In the beginning years of the new century a series of huge corporate frauds predominated the business sections and front pages of dominant newspapers, shaking public confidence in the integrity of corporate America. Those scandals also raise serious questions about the integrity, acuity and prudence of business leaders and accountants who structure and document business… View Article

Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room

Enron was involved in American’s largest corporate bankruptcy. It is a story about people, and in reality it is a tragedy. Enron made their stock sky rocket through unethical means, and in reality this company kept losing money. The primary value operating among the traders was greed, money, and how to make profits under any… View Article

Enron And The Decision Making Factor

Introduction – Students, analysts and critics of modern business practice will always consider the colossal Enron collapse as an important text book case about how a lot of different things inside the company can trigger a nearly overnight downfall of a once prestigious company. If there was any Cinderella story in the world of blue… View Article

Internal Accountant’s Report to Management

Introduction Since our company is preparing for an upcoming government contract bid, management has decided that a full Financial Status Review (FSR) prior to the release of the bid is essential. This report is to provide supporting information prior to the bid in order to evaluate if any irregularities with regard to fraud and/or abuse… View Article