English Essay Examples

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun In this essay will be talking about how Ballard shows Jim changing over the course of the book The Empire of the Sun. I am splitting the essay into 5 paragraphs: What Jim is like at the start of the novel, Jim’s first upheaval, the prison camps, the way Dr Ransong… View Article

Not yet forgotten

There have been many wonderful periods of time in my life and the one I have chosen to talk about here is high school. Not the English type of high school, but the Romanian one: those four years before university. Before I had got there, I had already got used to the idea that school… View Article

Extension 2 English Proposal

The audience of my major work will be firstly experienced English teachers for marking. The story itself will be aimed however at an audience of teen years and above, preferably interested in modern history. Any readers of a younger age may lack the necessary understanding of the context of my piece, and thus may not… View Article

English Beowulf

Beowulf will be missed for his courageous actions, compassion towards his people and his strong will to fight. He was loved by his people and all people that he helped. Beowulf was a strong warrior that would never back down from a challenge. If he saw trouble, no matter what country, he would do go… View Article

Caliban and Trinculo

Caliban and Trinculo are hiding underneath Caliban’s cloak because they are afraid of the storm and of what other beings are approaching them. Stefano has discovered what he thinks is a creature with four legs and two heads, which is really Caliban’s and Trinculo’s legs next to each other and both of their voices. The… View Article

School of rock

A dumpy middle aged man sits in front of a class of fifth-graders at the most prestigious private school in the area. The man, an aspiring rock star named Dewey Finn, is impersonating a substitute teacher at Horace Green Elementary School. Having learned of their musical talents, Dewey sees this chance to group the ten-year… View Article

The tell tale heart

‘The real horror of gothic comes not from buckets of blood or spectres or spooks, but from its power to make us face up to the dark and frightening regions within ourselves. ‘ (Christie Gerrard, The English Discuss). Discuss with reference to three texts. I agree with the quote by Christie Gerrard that ‘The real… View Article

Standard English

Half-Caste is written in both first person, “I’m half-caste”, and second person, “Explain yuself”. First person gives the reader a first hand experience, so the reader can see where the writer is coming from, with this, a better understanding whereas second person, permits Agard to direct his thoughts and criticisms to the reader which brings… View Article

English Coursework – Crucible

The Crucible’ is a play, based on a true event in American history. Written by Arthur Miller in 1953, The Crucible was set in the small Puritan village called Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. This town can be seen to be extremely oppressive, and a place in which people had no freedom or individuality. Miller wrote the… View Article

Doyle only wrote them for earning money

Conan Doyle developed the Detective Fiction genre into short stories which were called ‘pot-boilers’. These were not written for literal context; Doyle only wrote them for earning money. ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ was then written in 1902 at the end of the Victorian era. But Doyle was not the first; the first detective fiction… View Article

English essay part one

In this essay I am going to explain how Conan Doyle adds tension and suspense to “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” I will be discussing descriptions of the setting and characters also the language he uses, I will also look into the time period it was written. Sherlock Holmes was written during the Victorian… View Article

English Coursework on Miller

Alfieri’s speech at the beginning begins by introducing a lot of concepts which are explored upon later in the play. He begins with a speech on lawyers and the distrust that originates from it, “You see how uneasily they nod to me? That’s because I am a lawyer… a lawyer means the law, and in… View Article

English charles dickens great expectations

Discuss Dicken’s presentation of the relationship between Pip & Joe explain why it is important. Pip is a young boy who loves with his sister and her husband, Joe Gargery. One day while Pip is at the graveyard tending to his parents resting place he encounters a convict named Magwitch who forces Pip to give… View Article

Pip’s Shadow Parents

He then takes Pip’s hands, and causes him to be disorientated and feel very weak and vunerable. This is, again, like a metaphor for Pip’s whole world being shaken up and turned on his head, and he has control, he is pushed out of his comfort zone by this stranger, and so it creates a… View Article

The Crucible

After Abigail’s reply I would blink my eyes slowly, bite my bottom lip and rest the tip of my four fingers on my bottom lip,’ Danforth seems unsteady’. I would move in my seat just a little but then settle again showing how restless I was. When Abigail shows her confidence towards Danforth by standing… View Article