Energy Essay Examples

Energy and charisma

Throught the entire play Richard is without a doubt a character of energy and charisma, but in comparison to others is a very debatable question. That is why I am going to try and look at both sides of the arguement fairly to see if Richard is a character of strong energy and charisma compared… View Article

Enzyme used to break cell wall

Aim – To investigate the affect of Pectinase on the amount of juice produced from a stewed apple. I will investigate and explore the factors, which affect the rate at which juice is coming out of the stewed apple. There are many factors, which determine the rate at which reactions take place. The factors include… View Article

The efficiency of an eElectric motor

The efficiency of the motor in experiment 2 does decrease linearly with increasing mass as I predicted. Ideally the two graphs should follow each other since I used the same motor in each experiment. However from my graph you can see that my calculated efficiency for the second experiment is consistently about 9% higher than… View Article

The kinetic energy

The task for this data analysis coursework is to ascertain and analyse a set of data on a given experiment using the experience and knowledge built up during the course. The experiment itself is based on bouncing balls. The experiment consisted of dropping a rubber ball onto a large glass tile and then video taping… View Article

The overall energy change in a reaction depends

This experiment will depend on the combustion of two fuels (ethanol and propanol), which means the burning of these fuels. The word and symbol equations for the combustion of ethanol and propanol are shown below, Equipment To ensure that my experiment runs efficiently in there time allotted, I will help myself by drawing up an… View Article

A ball bounces

Theory: When an object is lifted up, work is done. Once the object is in the raised position, it has gravitational potential energy. The energy it is has is the same as the work done to get there. When the ball is lifted to the height it will be dropped from it will, therefore, gain… View Article

Investigating Resistance

Plan of Action I am going to find out what affects the resistance of a wire by using a six volt power supply in order to have a sufficient charge that won’t be too strong or too weak, also so the wires won’t get too hot very quickly as it would then greatly affect our… View Article

The rate of the reaction

In this two graphs on fig. 1, which is the three experiments I have did for my concentration 0. 5mole/dmi??. And the fig. 2 is the gradient of both three averages. On this graph it show the gradient of this graph is 11/10 cmi?? /s, which is 1. 1 cmi?? /s, which is very higher… View Article

The diameter of an impact crater

For my experiment I will use Constantan, This is because it gave me the widest range of results, so it makes it easier for us users to see and understand what’s going on. The thickness I will use will be 32. This is also because it gave me the widest range of results. I also… View Article

The following structural formula

Today, the prices of vital commodities derived from oil are increasing, and in particular, the cost of running a petrol driven car is becoming more expensive to do so, and this is all due to the fact that the amount of oil left to be extracted is diminishing. Thus, a suitable alternative is required. One… View Article

Energy Essay

However out of this whole trouble taken from these processes only 30%-35% of the potential energy stored is actually transformed to electricity. And if we sum up the advantages and disadvantages, we see the following: Advantage: Disadvantage: Produces a lot of energy Expensive to build Does not pollute the environment Expensive to maintain 2. Fossil… View Article

Converting gravitational potential energy

A ball bearing is released from the top of the v-shaped runway. When it reaches the bottom of the runway it should roll along the bench at a constant speed. The speed, v, will be found by measuring the time it takes for the ball bearing to travel a distance of 1m, hence the metre… View Article

Different Alcohols

The length of time the water is heated for is important as a short period of time will not heat the water sufficiently enough to take accurate results. However, heating the water for too long will boil the water to 100i?? C and therefore the results will not show any trend, as this is the… View Article

Using named examples

Using named examples, evaluate the economic and political impacts of disruption to energy supply pathways. (15) An energy pathway is the route or journey energy takes from the source country to the consuming country. It is often seen that economic and political impacts disrupt energy supply pathways. To begin with, some countries in the Middle… View Article