Employees Essay Examples

Lack of Flexibility with Employees

One of the main reasons that the company William Beckett & Co needs to have a flexible work force is a factor that we have already spoken about which is the increase of work for the company that has happened in the last few years, which has created a few problems for them in most… View Article

Appendix A: Barclay’s employees

Barclay’s Bank Organizational Strategy and Employee Morale September 15, 2007? Contents Barclays Bank 3 Roadmap-Thesis 5 Interview Results 5 Academic Research Recommendations for Improvement 7 Conclusion 10 References 12 Appendix A: Barclay’s Employees 14 Appendix B Employee Interviews 15 Appendix C: Framework For Improvement 19 ? Barclays Bank Barclays is the third largest bank in… View Article

Getting The Extra Bit Out Of Your Employees

An employee is required to contribute 40 to 48 hours of productive work in terms of service or visible output. The very purpose of employment is for the employer to generate enough revenue so that he can not only pay your wages, but also make some profit for himself and retain a portion of the… View Article

Educational Assistance

I am currently employed as a bagger at H-E-B and would very much like to be considered for the educational assistance program you offer to employees. I want to go to college to be a pharmacist when I complete high school and am already taking a pharmacy technician class along with my other classes. I… View Article

Dichotomies in the Workplace Privacy Issues

There is a genuine divergence of ideas from both the management and employees view on privacy issues. Companies often times say and act differently with regards to workplace policies, and employees also have opposing perspective on privacy expectations and their own actions. Employees should have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the management should be… View Article

Employees in management

Any employee can acquire or possess characteristics that may make him deserve a managerial level position. In addition to that, this is a part of the civil rights and so equality should also be upheld by giving everyone equal opportunities to a managerial level position. This paper intends to prove that indeed, “Yes, businesses should… View Article

Employee Resourcing

Edwards, Scott and Raju (p. 71, 2003) have defined the term recruitment as “organizational practices and policies developed for the primary purpose of motivating applicants to apply, remain in the candidate pool, and accept offers. ” Recruitment has been traditionally considered to have a minor role in the hiring process. Earlier the term recruitment to… View Article

Employee Relations

In various business organizations, we find that, many employees are neglected and are most often demoralized, not motivated in performing their duties in the particular organisation, thus encouraging a poor employee relations, but in the United Kingdom, many businesses are flourishing, since they have set up an enabled system that tends to come up with… View Article

Impact of the Public Sector Reform on Employee Relations

In the 1950s to the 1960s, the Conservative government of Britain had a strong compulsion to adopt a neoliberal stance on economic policies. Certain industries which were nationalized by the Labour Party after the Second World War were privatized. State spending on health, education, and welfare were cut; this was so since too much spending… View Article

Description of the Organization

The headquarters of the United States Air Force is located at Robins Air Force Base in Warner, Robins, Georgia. It has more than 300 flying and support units charged with monitoring and overseeing activities of the said organization. There are about thirty-six wings that comprise the Air Force. Each has a special mission or assigned… View Article

Employee Recognition Programs

All business entities, big or small, have human resource. Commonly known as employees, these people are an organization’s most valuable asset. These are individuals within the firm who serve as the organization’s human capital and work toward achieving the goals of the company. Without human workforce, establishments will not be able to perform its day-to-day… View Article

Effective Training – Expectancy Theory

Expectancy theory maintains that people will make an effort to achieve a standard of performance if they perceive that it will be rewarded by a desirable outcome (Wilson, 1999), giving more effort will result in better performance, these probable organizational rewards are valued by the employee, and better job performance will result to organizational rewards… View Article

Engaging Generation Y Employees

The ability of employees to combine their commitment to the organization and the organization’s values and to work hand in hand with the other team members creating a comfortable work place that lifts up their morale to competently perform their duties is referred to as employee engagement (Bullivant 2005). These efforts enable employees to make… View Article

Health and Safety Program

With the aim to align with the standards set by the OSHA and ensure employee safety and protection, the company has decided to create a (1) formal safety program for employees and (2) reduce workers’ compensation cost. Given such changes, the company shall elaborate on important guidelines and information needed by each employee to actively… View Article