Employee Essay Examples

Are private beliefs the legitimate concern of employers?

Employers should be concerned with most of what there employee believes in, however private beliefs may be taking this too far. An employer should be watchful of their employees, to make sure that they don’t get in to trouble, and are not suffering from stress. It is in the employer’s best interests that this is… View Article

Employee development (ED)

“The purpose of ED can be defined as developing human potential to assist organizations and individuals to achieve their objectives”. (Redman &Wilkinson, 2001 p.129). Since the impact of the globalization, the new positioning and competitive competences of the company will bring the HR department new challenges of finding effective career paths for their global employees…. View Article

Rights and Responsibilities of Employer and Employee

The Trust’s purpose is to provide the best possible health care to defined standards of cost, volume and quality. Generally all employees are expected to adopt values and standards of conduct consistent with the trust’s purpose. Employees are expected, at all times, to deal politely, respectfully and use civilised language and behaviour with all patients,… View Article

Employees are a business’s most important assets

Employees are a business’s most important assets; this is why they created the Human Resource department. Its purpose is to manage, train and look after the workers of the business. It is also their responsibility to implement health and safety legislation at work and look after the employees. There are many roles that this department… View Article

To employee more staff

Patients: agree with this aim because it means that the waiting time to see a doctor or nurse would decrease which would make the patients far happier as they don’t have to wait so long which could lead to a fatal health problem. Tax-payers: disagree with this aim because even though it would reduce waiting time,… View Article

Retention Process

The reason for this document to be written is to show how a business employees new people. For each one of these I will describe what they mean and which one is taken step by step: 1. Business approval: this is when a business is approves of having a staff member that is needed for… View Article

Heathrow and Gatwick

These results show that 70% of businesses believe the expansion will allow them to expand, even if it is only slightly. This will most likely be due to the increase in demand enabling them to expand due to higher profits, or expanding out of necessity to access the larger market and cope with it. For… View Article

How to solve high employee turnover rate in a retail company or retail business?

Introduction The problem of high turnover employee rate is quite a spread problem that most businesses have been facing for years. Employee turnover has a negative influence on the efficiency of business, profits, customer service and satisfaction from customers in different businesses and industries. The recent study made by Roper Starch Worldwide, Inc. and Unify… View Article

Evaluating Employees with Ease

Performance evaluations are a critical component of human resource management in any organization. In “Evaluating Employees with Ease” Sharon LaBuke gives useful tips designed to help nursing employers conduct evaluations that translate into a positive experience for their employees. In LaDuke’s view, the first priority is to strategize the process. A good place to start… View Article

Workforce Diversity

All employees come from different cultural and social environment; they have different social statuses and class location, different religious beliefs and belong to different cultures. Differences are bound to exist, due simply to the physical characteristics of the employees, such as sex, nation race. These differences create a certain tension between employees which requires special… View Article

The Part Time Workers

Introduction Working part time can be a good way of balancing ones work and personal commitments. Part-time workers have the right to be treated fairly in comparison to their full-time colleagues [icn.ch]. A part-time worker is one who works fewer hours than a full-time worker. There’s no specific number of hours that makes one full or… View Article

The rhetoric and reality of employee involvement

Introduction – The acceptable business paradigm changed over time. There was a time when the accepted concept of effective management relied largely on what the top management thinks best for the company, leaving the rest of the company especially blue collar workers with little or no participation at all in how a company grows and… View Article

Overcoming the Improvement Paradox

Quality improvement programs are designed based on research, a company’s needs and the promise of improving the functioning of a business, both from a management standpoint and in the eyes of the employee. Research proves that they are not only productive, but necessary. In fact it is suggested that without a quality improvement program, businesses… View Article

Tution Plan Proposal

Introduction             Employee competency is an important factor that highly determines the efficiency and productivity of the company. With today’s dynamic environment, now knowledge and skills are developed rapidly. If a company would adapt to such environment, its workforce must obtain further training for them to be able to acquire the necessary new skills and… View Article