Emergency evacuation Essay Examples

Evacuation, Second World War Coursework

Source B shows the negative sides and is more personal that the first source. Extracted from an interview with a teacher in 1988, the teacher remembers being evacuated with the school children. The interview was made in 1988 many years after the war so the lady would be of old age. Her memories may be… View Article

Evacuation Sources Questions

Well, to answer this question I must first analyse both the sources, source B is a picture depicting what seems to be a class of evacuees and their teacher walking down the road, probably to the train station to be evacuated. The picture shows many of the children waving and smiling, and what seems like… View Article

The Home Front: Evacuation

Two weeks before war broke out, the Government of Great Britain were poised to start evacuating from major industrial cities. This was the process by which the blind, crippled or otherwise disabled and children up to the age of 14 were re-housed outside of their residential area. Alongside them were teachers from the schools that… View Article

Evacuation was a great success

My personal view is that I agree with the interpretation that the Evacuation was a great success I will now explain why. The Evacuation scheme was entirely voluntary the children would be much safer and happier away from the big cities with the dangers will be the greatest. Childern were offered homes were they made… View Article

Evacuation was a great success

Source A is a picture of all the happy school children all lining up to be evacuated. Now this is not a reliable source when trying to prove if evacuation was a success or not. This is due to the fact that during the war the government had emergency powers. This gave them power all… View Article

Evacuation was great success – Do you agree?

Evacuation was great success. Do you agree or disagree? To be able to come to my own conclusion on this question I will be studying all the sources and coming to a conclusion after I have studied the sources. All children were evacuated to safer places called reception areas. Whereas source C suggest that it… View Article