Elizabethan Essay Examples

Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5 Director Notes

You will be playing the part of Romeo in my adaptation of Act 1 scene 5 of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. In order to play the part effectively it is vital that you understand a number of things about Romeo’s character and the play and how I wish you to act the role. To summarise the… View Article

What do we learn about Juliet’s relationship

During the Elizabethan period, daughters had to marry according to their fathers wishes. This was because men were seen as more dominant than women. Women could refuse to get married to her chosen husband but at a price. If women refused to respect their father’s wishes then they could be disowned and banished from their… View Article

Are there any ways

Are there any ways in which you consider that experiences conveyed by the sonnets, by pre-20th century poets differ from those conveyed by the writers of modern sonnets?  Are there any similarities?  You must consider two pre-20th sonnets. A sonnet is a lyric poem consisting of fourteen lines with a very formal rhyme scheme, they… View Article

To what extent is ‘Hamlet’ principally a revenge tragedy?

Hamlet is one of the most ambiguous of Shakespeare’s plays, to the extent that there is even argument over which genre it should be placed in. Although it contains many of the features typical of a revenge tragedy, it could be seen as a play more concerned with the ethics of revenge. Revenge tragedy was… View Article

Examine Shakespeare’s presentation

When Hamlet was first performed in 1601, England had been successfully ruled for forty-three years by Elizabeth I, a strong and influential monarch who reigned without a male counterpart, establishing England as one of the most powerful and prominent countries in the world. This is proof that women can be as successful as men; however… View Article

Examine how Shakespeare presents the female characters

Examine how Shakespeare presents the female characters in ‘Hamlet’ and what the response of a modern day audience might be to this aspect of the play. As ‘Hamlet’ was set in the Elizabethan period it is necessary to consider the portrayal of woman in the play as a comparison with women in a modern day… View Article

Compare miss Havisham and Lady Macbeth

?Compare the presentation of Lady Macbeth and Miss Havisham. Explore how Shakespeare and Dickens present them as disturbed women. Disturbed is a definition of someone who has emotional or mental problems; both Lady Macbeth and Miss Havisham are presented as disturbed characters in one way or another. These two leading women both have characteristics that… View Article

English literature controlled assessment

Many plays and poems are concerned with the relationship between parents and their children. Choose a situation where this issue is considered in a Shakespeare play and link it with poetry where there is a similar situation. Refer closely to the texts in your answer to support your views. Romeo and Juliet is one of… View Article