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Electronic commerce Essay Examples

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Introduction E-commerce means conducting business online. Selling goods, in the traditional sense, is possible to do electronically because of certain software programs that run the main functions of an e-commerce Web site, including product display, online ordering, and inventory management. The software resides on a commerce server and works in conjunction with online payment systems…

Advantages of Internet

Science and technology play a very important role in our life. Most of our daily activities are greatly associated with science and technology. One of the contributions of science and technology to mankind is the invention of Internet. With this invention being so widely used, it has both advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I…

A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project report titled “A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Store”, under the guidance of Prof: Debjani Bhattacharyais my work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of MASTERS IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT from INSTITU ADMINISTRATION DES ENTERPRISES, Poitiers and not submitted for the award of…



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Business Model of Amazon

Amazon.com is the pioneering bookstore on the Internet that first opened in July 1995 by Jeff Bezos. The firm offers online shopping services and partnership opportunities such as online search for books, music and video items. The products that they sell include an array of audio, video and book titles. Amazon has one of the…


Almost every well-known brand nowadays has an online counterpart. Within a blink of an eye, you can find virtually anything you need from products to service on the Internet without having to go through traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Globally, an increasing number of buyers are consuming more and more products than ever before, owing to the…

Internet Marketing

What is Marketing? Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. What is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas,…

Online Shopping vs Retail Shopping

Online Apparel Shopping v/s Retail Apparel Shopping Subject:- Research Methods in Business Topic:- Research Report Synopsis Online Apparel Shopping vs Retail Apparel Shopping is a new comparison in market these days. Where the internet consumption rate is growing at a lightning speed the consumers are shifting from retail shopping to internet online shopping to save…

Electronic commerce

History of eBay  eBay started life out as Auctionweb, founded by Pierre Omidyar  Brainstorming amongst friends resulted in the overall idea By 1997 maintained its impressive growth but it needed additional funding  Benchmark provided said funding, and more importantly, leadership  Ms. Whitman was installed as CEO and Mr. Swette as COO…

Alibaba Group

It was in the year 1999 that 18 people under the leadership of Jack Ma, a teacher from Hangzhou, China, were to begin a journey known as Alibaba Group. Its headquarter lies in Hangzhou itself. Alibaba group have established, as of December 2013, 73 offices in China and 16 outside its borders. At the end…

Electronic Commerce

Introduction: E-Commerce is basically using the Internet to either buy or sell goods and it has been revolutionizing the way business is controlled. In recent times Internet has evolved so huge it has lead to development of lots of new web based technologies one of them, which is most used, is E-Commerce [1]. Online shopping…

EDI System

Do you need to use an EDI system? With DiCentral your business can be EDI ready in a snap. Want to know more? Just ask. Understanding the Basics about EDI Systems An EDI System refers to the software and practices involved in enabling the exchange of transaction data with customers and vendors (trading partners) using…

Electronic commerce

CASE STUDY 4. 1 – The implications of globalisation for consumer attitudes With the strong development of the globalisation trend nowadays, many companies have invested a lot of money into expanding their e-commerce network to other countries. Along with the expansion is the issue of localisation to penetrate those countries’ markets. When a company opens…

Internet Business and Electronic Commerce

Answer – 1 The two industries chosen for the analysis on the layout, format, and contents of their websites are Online Shopping and Online Marketing Assistance websites. Starting from the first industry – Online Shopping – it includes several organizations that started the business of selling a wide range of products and services ‘online’. The…

Values, Mission and History of Amazon.Com

Amazon. com is an American multinational electronic commerce and it’s the world’s largest online retailer. It has separate websites for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India and China. It also provides a really good service of international shipping for some of its products to reach other countries. “Our vision is…

Electronic commerce

With rising prices on many items, and an unstable economy, many people have begun to buy and sell things online. Much of the time, you can get better deals shopping online, and make profits selling online. One of the biggest online auction sites is eBay. EBay gives people the chance to buy items online by…

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