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Electromagnetic spectrum Essay

Many of the well-known scientists explore several types of waves and gave their theories, statements, and practical applications in this field. These waves are composed in a manner so one can measure their wavelength and frequency as well. These types of wavelength are declared as “Low notes” and “High notes”. Low notes have a low frequency and a long wavelength; where as High notes have high frequency and a shorter wavelength.

These electromagnetic waves are result of electrically charged particles, such waves are also declared as “Electromagnetic Radiation”, as they radiate initially from the electrically charged particles. These waves can easily pass through any empty space, air and other more substances as well. According to research it was explored by many of the scientist that these radiations has fundamentally a “Dual Personality” as it behaves as waves and stream of particles which are known as “photons “as well.

In addition the photons have no group as well as they have very short wavelength too. (Alvino, G, 75) SECTIONS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM: – Fundamentally electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of wavelength and photon energies as well. The spectrum is usually segmented into seven sections, which are declared as X-ray, Infrared, and Ultraviolet, Microwave, Visible, Gamma ray radiation and Radio waves. INFRARED RAYS: – Fundamentally this particular term” Infrared” covers a wide range of frequency. The wavelength range initiates from about 1 millimeter down to 750 nm.

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Those rays, which are approximately adjacent to visible spectrum, are called “Near infrared” and those who have longer wavelength section are declared as “Far infrared”. These rays are widely utilized in exploring vibration spectra of molecules. In connections with matter, infrared mainly acts to place molecules into pulsation. These rays doesn’t have good impact on atmosphere as it never penetrate atmosphere but still infrared are utilize to initially acts to set molecules into vibration. VISIBLE LIGHT:-

This is fundamentally the narrow visible section of electromagnetic spectrum. This thin section keeps up a correspondence to the wavelengths closer to the maximum of the Sun’s radiation curve. Visible light is mainly utilized in elevating electrons to higher energy levels. In this particular case white light can be parted into its spectral colors by dispersion in a prism. ULTRAVIOLET RAYS: – Ultraviolet rays are approximately below the region where visible light is explored and this was proofed by many of the well-known scientist by their statements and their theories as well.

In addition these rays cause harm as it has shorter wavelength that can reach the ionization energy for many molecules, so this outcome in hazards to other ionizing radiations as well. While welding, protective eye shields must be utilized because this ultraviolet substance of welding arcs can inflame once eyes. X-RAYS: – When high-energy electrons struck a metal target then these rays start penetrating, they are highly penetrating rays. According to research it was explored that just after the discovery of x-rays they are started being used in medical to image broken bones.

Fundamentally when these rays have interaction with matter they ionize radiations and generate physiological possessions, which are basically never observed with any exposure of non-ionizing radiation, such as the risk of mutations or cancer in tissue. GAMMA RAYS: – Gamma rays are generally utilized to denote electromagnetic radiation from the center as a part of a radioactive process. Fundamentally their nuclear energy is extremely high as such radiations are initiated in the electromagnetic radiation from the nucleus as a part or as a result of radioactive procedures.

X-rays and Gamma rays are quite identical as they both are electromagnetic rays, these are simply some declaration regarding source rather than implying different kinds of radiation. (Alvino, G, 75-79) Below is the table, which will provide you better understanding and clear the entire conceptions as well. Wavelengths, frequencies, and energies for selected regions of the electromagnetic spectrum are mentioned in this, which was fundamentally result of several researches.

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