Electrical Essay Examples

Electrical superstore

At the beginning of Year 10 all year 10 students were told that we were going to start work experience in May next year. As the weeks went on it got closer to work experience. I felt increasingly nervous; this is because I have no experience of working with a company. In January we were… View Article

The resistance of the wire will be measured

There were 3 types accuracy equipment we used:  Ruler – which was accurate to + or – 1mm  Ammeter – which was accurate to + or – 0. 01 amps Voltmeter – which was accurate to + or – 0. 01 volts To make sure our results were fair we did each result 3 times,… View Article

A wire changes in relationship to it’s length

Check voltage on voltmeter, then record data 4. Re-do experiment with all different lengths of wire for both wires. – 10 cm – 20 cm – 30 cm – 40 cm – 50 cm – 60 cm – 70 cm – 80 cm – 90 cm -100 cm 5. use the first formula mentioned to… View Article

An Investigation into

However, if the reading on the ammeter or voltmeter was not taken quickly, the temperature may have risen, and therefore the resistance of the wire would have increased too. This would mean that the results would not be totally accurate, as the experiments would not be fair. 2. There may have been some problems with… View Article

Electrical Engineering Essay

The senior project can be in electrical machines preferably 3-phase induction motors, power system protection, and control system preferably designing of a compensator to achieve the required performance of the system, power electronics and distribution systems. First, I like deciding the power rating of a -3-phase induction motor for various loads such pumps, compressors etc…. View Article

NSA Capstone

Table of Contents Project Description The Firm is a medical supply corporation that has prepared a request for proposal to seek a revamp of all their office branches with state of the art information systems equipment, local/wide network infrastructure, and services provided by the contractor. Spade Networks. Project Objectives This project will meet the following… View Article

At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive?

The leadership I received from my Cadet Corps Commanding Officer’s was outstanding and influenced me tremendously over my career. They inspired me and provided a sound base upon which I was able to develop my own leadership abilities and the confidence to believe in them. Hopefully, their being a role model for me has led… View Article

Wye-Delta Transformations

Abstract— on this experiment, analysis of resistive network by series-parallel circuits, the students will demonstrate the characteristics of series-parallel circuits by measuring and verifying the calculations of the resistance, voltage and current associated with the different resistive components of a series – parallel circuit. On this experiment, the students will also demonstrate the principle of… View Article