Election Essay Examples

The Hudson River/Lake Champlain Campaign

From the Perspective of John Adams My involvement in the Hudson River/Lake Champlain campaign was mainly from a distance.  In 1774, I was elected to serve on the Continental Congress as a delegate of the colony of Massachusetts.  The Second Continental Congress played a key role in the Hudson River/Lake Champlain campaign.  The congress opened… View Article

The Race for the Nomination

Introduction A presidential campaign is always an exciting time for the country.  It either results in a change in philosophy or a maintaining of the incumbent way of thought.  The 2008 presidential campaign is perhaps one of the most exciting campaigns in recent memory.  The top three democratic candidates all have a unique appeal to… View Article

The Structure And Function Og The U.S. Primaries

The U.S. presidential primaries are contests between members of the same party that state political parties hold in order to select delegates to the national nominating conventions (Stevenson, 1992 p. 40). The U.S. primaries have their origins in the party primaries of the late nineteenth century held on the local level. They are a twentieth… View Article

Analyzing The Electoral College

Introduction – There is not one perfect model for the electoral process. All of the varied electoral processes conducted around the world have some kind of flaw or problem. If there was a perfect electoral system, the world now would have been bereft of any concerns involving the electoral processes. The United States, for all… View Article

Election Spoof And The Importance Of Election

The video found in the Onion. com should not be taken seriously because it is a spoof, a parody that Onion. com makes on relevant issues like election and the failure of some of the features of the election system. While the concerns about probable glitches in the software involved and used during electronic voting… View Article

Trade Journal Reports

 Everything in this world requires change. This change comes in different forms: innovation, research and development. This change is necessary in all businesses if one is to remain in business. This is the case of hotels in the United States of America prior to the presidential election in November 2008. These hotels are devising different… View Article

The election of Federico Peña

Both the election of Federico Peña as Denver City Mayor in 1983 and the campaign of Victor Morales for US Senate in 1996 were considered as historic firsts: Peña was among the first Hispanics to be elected as mayor of a major US city; while it was also the first time that the senatorial candidate… View Article

The 2008 Presidential election

The 2008 Presidential election will soon be upon us as many  states have moved their primaries closer to the present day. It therefore would behoove every individual, no matter how apathetic they think that they are about the political process, to identify it and where they lay within the political spectrum. It is a source… View Article

US Political Parties And Elections

The architects of the United States constitution had not envisioned the predominant role that political parties were to play later in the United States politics. No provision for their operations had been outlined by the constitution in relations to the system and process of governance. This emanated from a general belief that political parties were… View Article

The Role of Religion and the Media in the 2008 Election

What role is religion playing in the 2008 presidential race to White house and how are these presidential candidates using media in their campaigns? The 2008 presidential election is the first election to be held in the United States of America without any incumbent president vying for the position. The election that which be held… View Article

Elections Strategies For 2008

The 2008 elections are mostly raising issues as to how the said social act shall be treated in the coming year by both the electoral presidential candidates and the society as well. This is primarily because of the fact that this particular event is a serious matter that should be considered so as to assure… View Article

Presidential Contenders 2008

Pre-election convention of the Democratic Party will pass on August 28 in Denver. The tensest conflict of the elections is between the candidates of the Democratic Party B. Obama and H. Klinton. The representative of Democratic Party will get the victory at the basic elections as Republicans have lost considerable support among the population because… View Article

Election of 1876

The election of 1876 was incredibly important to American history. The issues that came up during this election were extremely important in the Reconstruction-era United States. Following the Civil War, the Union army remained in the South, but because of this election their presence would end and Reconstruction would effectively cease. The election results were… View Article

Manual Election or Automated Election

Elections have played an integral role in the development of one’s country. Essentially, an election is a procedure by which members of communities and/or organizations choose persons to hold an office. It is a technique of rendering authority and/or creating representative bodies. Elections are often linked to the idea of democratic representation. Therefore, an election… View Article

Argue for or Against the Electoral College

The 2000 United States (U. S. ) presidential election concluded with Vice President Al Gore winning half a million more popular votes than George W. Bush (50,992,335 to 50,455,156) yet losing the White House in the Electoral College by only five votes (271 to 266). It once again raised questions about the validity of the… View Article