Elderly Essay Examples

Contributing factors toward SWB of the Institutionalized Elderly

Apart from delineating the cognitive and affective indicators of SWB, this study also attempted to identify the possible factors which contribute to SWB. A host of factors were identified in the largely western literature. These are presented in the succeeding pages. Physical Health: Health is one of the most important variables in predicting whether people… View Article


In a world of varying cultures and values for the elderly, there exists a principal notion about elderly homes that have spurred today. Oftentimes than not, the notion about elderly homes are of the negative and this stems from the fact that the elderly homes serve as a constant reminder about something that most people… View Article

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse or elder mistreatment occurs when a person intentionally or unintentionally brings harm to an elder person. It is also when the health and well-being of an elder is negatively affected. In a research done in the United States had shown 700,000 out of 1. 5 million elders are being mistreated. There are different… View Article

Elder Care Law

All laws are created in an effort to insure equal treatment of the citizens of the land regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, and age. The general laws of the land are meant to protect the citizens who are powerless to protect themselves. The most critical of these protective laws belong to the laws that protect… View Article

Elder abuse

Elder abuse is described as “knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or serious risk to a vulnerable adult” (http://www. onlinece. net). This may occur at the hands of a family member or at the old people homes. It has however been established that family members are… View Article

Elder abuse

Elder abuse is a practice carried out by various groups of people in different set of societies. It is a practice which has been grouped among other forms of discrimination. Elder abuse is thus discrimination of elder rights and freedom on the basis of age. Basically elders should be cared for and be given opportunity… View Article

Elevator Failures in Housing for the Elderly

The advent of multi-stored housing apartments that can be of up to 30 stores imply that any one who has a problem standing or being in elevators for a long time may be forced to seek alternatives which in most cases are non existent. However, the use of elevators should not have been a worry… View Article

Elderly poverty

By 2050, the number of elderly people will be high (aged 65 and above) 20 percent of the population worldwide. Given the pressure on the demand for public services such as pensions, health services and housing facilities. Elderly poverty is both a social and a financial problem. Poverty rates among the elderly tend to be… View Article

Functional assessment of an elderly man at home

According to NHS (2011), elderly people who have attained the age of 65 years and above usually spend an average of 10 hours and above daily sitting or lying down, making them the most sedentary group of people. Due to this apparent inactivity among the elderly, they are more prone to accidental falls, obesity, cardiovascular… View Article