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Einsteins explanation of the PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT



According to classic physics, what should happen in the Photoelectric effect
All wavelengths and frequencies should be able to dislodge electrons

How did Einstein use the ideas in Planck’s theory to explain the photoelectric effect?
Einstein applies Plancks theory by showing that the blue light has more energy than the red light since the blue light has a higher frequency

What is a photon?
A photon is a particle of electromagnetic radiation having zero mass and carving a quantum energy. The blue photon has a large enough quantum to dislodge the electron from metal atoms.

What equation gives the energy of a photon
Ephoton= hv

How did einsteins explanation of the photoelectric effect lead to the understanding of the dual nature of light?
Prior to einstein, light was believed ot be a wave. Because of einsteins explanation of the photoelectric effect, light was shown to behave like a particle or how could it dislodge another particle from a metal atom.

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