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Einstein’s Dreams about Time

Time is a circle; individual experience endlessly repeats itself
A women kissing her cancer-ridden husband for the last time on his death bed doesn’t know that her entire life will repeat itself over and over again and she will see her husband again.

Time is like a flow of water, sometimes moving backward
A cosmic disturbance can cause a rivulet of time to turn away from the mainstream and to move backwards. People who have been transported back in time are easy to identify because they where dark, indistinct clothing and try not to bend a single blade of grass, fearing for the drastic consequences it could have in the future.

Time has three dimensions; each act has three possible outcomes
A man visits an old flame and reconnects with her; visits in another time and comes back feeling empty; decides not to go in a third time and meets another women, living a content life.

There are two times, mechanical and body
Mechanical time is represented in those people who live by the clock (rising at 7, eating breakfast at 7:30, etc.).
Body time isn’t measurable. People who live in body time eat when they are hungry, wake up when they are fully rested, etc.

Time flows more slowly the farther one is from the center of the earth
People live in the mountains in houses raised on stilts to try and stay youthful because they know that time moves too fast.

Time is absolute, an infinite ruler
Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It ticks on second by second.

Cause and effect are erratic; at times effect precedes cause
A man stands on his balcony alone and weeping without knowing the reason why he is sad. A week later the same man is yelling at people, treating them disrespectfully, and forbidding people from entering his house.

Time passes, but little happens
Life is made up of ordinary, repetitive moments.

Time is captured in its last moments, the end of the world
People know when the world will end and the savor the last moments of their life.

Those trapped in time are alone, and no one is happy
People who dwell in the past are alone in their struggle.

The passage of time brings increasing order
As a party leaves a restaurant, the tables are cleaner than before.

Time stands still
At the center of time, time stands still as lovers embrace and children are hugged forever by their parents.

There is no time; there are only images
A first kiss. A bead of water on the window. A coiled rope.

People have no memories
Some obsess over knowing all the details of their life as they wake up each morning having to read through their Book of Life to know who they are. Others have abandoned trying to remember.

The world is a world of changed plans, leaving many things incomplete
People see glimpses of their future and attempt to make plans to be a step ahead, but leave things unfinished in the present.

Time passes slowly for people in motion, thus everything moves
Everything is in motion so that people can gain time.

Time flows backward
People begin their life at the end of their life and gradually live in reverse until they are a baby.

People live just one day, but that day may be an eternity
People pack an entire lifetime into one day because time is precious.

Time is a sense like taste
Life is how one perceives it to be.

People live forever, dividing into two populations: Laters and Nows
The Nows believe in trying to accomplish everything right now because they wish to live the best life they can. The Laters go through life easily enjoying every second. Things are never finished because there is endless time to do things.

Time cannot be measured; it is a quality
Time is measured by the quality of life one has. A wonderful moment with a boyfriend could be a second or a lifetime together.

There is no future; time is a line that terminates at the present
Everything action is scary because no one knows what the reaction will be.

Time is visible; one can step into the future or remain in the present
People can decide to live in the present or skip ahead to a better time.

Time is discontinuous, containing gaps and pauses
Time doesn’t flow constantly it stops and has gaps.

There is a Great Clock in the Temple of Time
Time is worshipped.

Time is local; clocks separated by distance tick at different rates
People live life according to the time of their city.

Time is rigid; every action and thought is determined
There is no freedom because everything is predetermined.

Time and event may be copied infinitely with different futures
Everything is repeated over and over infinitely. The man playing the violin in the center of the room over and over again in different dimensions.

In a world of shifting pasts, the past may be firm or forgotten
People have the ability to carry the past with them throughout their entire life or to leave it in the past and move on with the future. The guy who wet his pants in middle school.

Time is a nightingale
If people can trap the nightingale, they can stop time and freeze moments, but the nightingale is very hard to catch and those who are young and energetic have no desire to trap it while those who are elderly don’t have the energy to attempt to.

What paper is Einstein turning in on June, 1905?
“On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” later known as the Special Theory of Relativity.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?
Alan Lightman explains that Einstein’s special theory of relativity “proposed that distance and time are not absolute. The ticking rate of a clock depends on the motion of the observer of that clock.” Measurements of time and distance vary, space and time are relative to observers, and only the speed of light remains constant at 186,000 miles per second.

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