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Einstein’s Big Idea

What business was Albert’s Father in?
He was trying to light up the streets of Munich, Germany.

What subjects did Albert like to study?
Math, physics, and philosophy.

What instrument did he play?
The violin

Who was his first wife?
Milova Marich

Where was he working in 1905?
The Patent office in Bern Switzerland.

What famous thought experiment is attributed to him?
What would I see if I were riding on the front of a beam of light?

What does Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity have to do with light and time?
As an object approaches the speed of light, time slows down. Time is relative the person moving and to the person viewing the moving person.

What award did he receive for his paper describing the “photoelectric effect”?
The Nobel Prize in Physics.

What scientist separated compounds by using electricity and was known to take laughing gas before his guest lectures.
Sir Humphrey Davy

Describe Michael Faraday’s economic status and formal education.
He was born to a poor blacksmith and worked for a bookbinder. He had no formal education but taught himself to read and learned on his own.

What 2 forces did Faraday prove to be related?
Electricity and Magnetism

What important machine did Faraday invent?
The electric motor.

What scientist/mathematician proved Faraday’s theory concerning the speed of light?
James Clark Maxwell

What scientist was living in Paris during the French Revolution?
Antoine Lavoisier

What Law did Antoine Lavoisier develop concerning Mass?
The Law of the Conservation of Mass

How did Antoine Lavoisier die?
He had his head cut off by the revolutionaries?

What French woman mathematician disagreed with Isaac Newton, who said distance and velocity were directly proportional.
Émilie du Châtelet

What did Émilie du Châtelet have in common with Gottfried Leibnitz?
They both showed that velocity is squared with the doubling of the distance an object travels.

What scientist proved Einstein’s equation in the laboratory?
Lise Meitner

Lise had split the atom in her lab. What was this process called?
Nuclear fission (to split)

Why did she have to leave Germany?
She was Jewish during the rise of Hitler and Naziism. She may have joined many Jews who had perished in the gas camps if she hadn’t escaped to another country.

How was Einstein’s equation used to end World War 2.
The Atom Bomb was developed on the basis of his equation.

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