Efficiency Essay Examples


Market efficiency is whereby the market price of an investment shows a true reflection of the actual value of the investment. This means that an efficient market shows an unbiased estimate of the actual market value of the asset. However this definition does not imply that at all times the market value of an investment… View Article

Particle Size Distribution and Cyclone Efficiency Distribution

In this experiment collection efficiency of a cyclone has been determined for two types of particles – Fly Ash and MgO in an air stream. Such a dust is commonly found in industries using coal and refractories. Particle size distribution of ambient air as well as cyclone exhaust has also been measured using Electrical Low… View Article

Birthday party planning

To be able to have the entire event completed, I should be able to give a strong impulsive attitude in knowing the different issues that needs consideration in the occasion. These considerations include the wants and needs of the celebrant and the guests who are to be involved in the occasion. It could be observed… View Article

Scientific Management – Frederick Taylor

Abstract Frederic Taylor was one of the pioneers of management theory. His work was a product of the Industrial Revolution and the strict societal views and class structures of that day. Although scientific management is often criticized today, its key principles are still applicable in many areas of work and life. Scientific Management- Fredrick Taylor… View Article

Public Finance and Taxation

There are varying definitions of what public sector economics is and what topics it covers. In a layman’s language Public economics is the application of economics to the activities undertaken by the state. Black et al. defines public sector economics as “the field of economics which studies the nature, principles, and economic consequences of government… View Article