Effective communication within my time at BP Essay

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Effective communication within my time at BP

While on my internship I wanted to show effective communication. This involved me communicating with my team, working well within my team and giving many presentations to them. At the end of my internship I got feedback from my manager who explained how I was able to show effective communication within my time at BP.

Goal – To improve my communication.

1. Introduce and talk to people who I don’t know.

2. Share ideas with colleagues.

3. Ask for help when needed.

Feedback – Being able to communicate effectively was an important part of her’ role, as she was dealing with numerous personnel for whom English was not their first language. In her first week she was tasked with composing an email to send to all the regionally based team members. She proved straight away that her written communications skills were good, although she was naturally looking for reassurance of her emails were as required. By the end of the internship, both her written and verbal communication could only be described as “excellent”.

Goal – To improve my ability to ask questions

1. List down any questions that come to mind during work or home.

2. Do some research on the questions before hand and find an answer.

3. If I cannot find an answer I will ask a college or supervisor.

Feedback – When she did have any questions she was happy to ask, and did so in a polite and concise manner. If she needed help on tasks or wanted extra elaboration on certain topics she was able to do so.

Goal – To improve team working with new people

1. Introduce myself to the new people in my team.

2. Think of questions and ideas to contribute to the team.

3. Contribute my ideas to them and ask questions.

4. Use the information gained and adapt it to my work.

Feedback – She fitted into the team from day one, she is reliable, punctual and always polite and courteous. Her attitude to work was excellent, she was always willing to give something ago, with minimal instruction.

Goal – To improve my presentation skills

1. Plan a presentation and practice it.

2. Ask for feedback from colleagues.

3. Take the feedback into consideration and improve the presentation.

4. Invite colleagues, managers to listen to the presentation.

The first time I met her, she highlighted that she wanted to improve her presentation skills during her time with us. So, on her first day I asked her to help me present the safety moment in our team meeting; and she did a great job! Over the next few weeks she had other opportunities to both help compile presentation material, and also present to others on her own. By the end on the internship when it was time to present to a room full of peers, parents and work colleagues, she was a professional!

In conclusion, it’s always very important to show effective communication skills in the workplace as they are vital for teamwork and overall success. These skills were skills that I wanted to improve greatly as I know they will be beneficial in the future. The majority of the feedback from my line manager was very positive and I will take into account the comments for improvement.

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