Effective communication Essay

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Effective communication

Understand the principles of developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.

Effective and good communication is paramount when working with children, young people and adults within a school environment. Maintaining an honest, positive and supportive attitude at all times will help to develop strong relationships and build trust, e.g if a child lacks in confidence and isn’t a good communicator, by having a supportive, caring and positive approach towards them it may then encourage them to confide in you if they have things that concern them. When we communicate we must make sure the person we are talking to feels at ease, using positive body language like nodding, having happy facial expressions and using the right tone to our voice as verbal and non-verbal skills are very important in creating the right impressions. Adults communicating positively with other adults is key to teaching children how they should communicate with each other, as young children will copy adults so you must show them what is acceptable in building positive relationships.

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If good communication is established between the child, staff and parent/carer then a parent/carer would be more likely to offer support to the school, which will in turn create a positive environment for the child. If you communicate well with other staff members then this will show other adults that you can discuss concerns about a particular child or offer input into lesson planning. Good communication does not happen by chance it is something that needs to be thought about as if communication breaks down or there is a misunderstanding this can lead to ill feeling as the slightest facial expression could be be misunderstood. A key skill to a good communicator is to listen to other peoples views and respect them, even if they are different to yours and work as a team trying to ensure it is a positive environment.

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