Eddie loves Catherine Essay

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Eddie loves Catherine

The reason why Eddie loved Catherine so much is because she knew everything about him and had the qualities that Eddie liked. Eddie treated her like a child because he did not want he to realise that she was growing up. Eddie liked this because he could have control over her. At this point this is when the audience realises that Eddie has no hopes except from the hopes of having a woman he can never have. The audience may think that Eddie is selfish because he will not let Catherine lead her own life. By looking at the way eddies personality changes I think that he is having a mid-life crisis.

There are different types of relationships in the play: The relationship with Eddie and Catherine is incestuous love. The relationship between Beatrice and Eddie is platonic love. The relationship between Rodolpho and Eddie is they are like rivals trying to get Catherine. The relationship between Marco and Eddie is hatred. The relationship between Alfieri and Eddie that Alfieri is eddies lawyer. I feel that Catherine is partly to blame because she knew everything about Eddie and so she should have realised his feeling to wards her.

Also she should have not acted like a child all the time allowing Eddie to have control over her. I feel sorry for Marco because he is a good person trying to give his family a good future but Eddie destroys his plans. I also feel sorry for Rodolpho because he done what everyone does, falls in love. We can tell that he is a good person because he tries to make up with Eddie. I think Beatrice has no self-esteem because she does everything that Eddie tells her and does not stick up for herself. I think that Eddie is helpless.

He is obsessed with work and I think that he has no future. I think that because he did not get his only hope that he did not mind dying. I do not feel sorry for Eddie dying because he is a back stabber and should not of done what he done. I think that he is very over protective and over reacted when he found out that Catherine was in love. The audiences’ reaction might be different to mine but I was shocked when Marco killed Eddie because I thought that it might have been Rodolpho that killed him because of all the things that Eddie done to him.

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