Economics Essay Topics

Pestal Analysis for Samsung Electronics

Over the past several years, there has seen a plethora of patent lawsuits within the smartphone industry. In the highly competitive environment, manufacturers of handsets have been aggressive in protecting their intellectual properties by suing competitors by claiming infringements on patents. For example, in March 2010, Apple sued HTC for allegedly infringing on 20 Apple… View Article

Evaluation of Data Sources for National Manpower Planning and Monitoring

Malaysia’s government agencies collect information directly from individuals and businesses to generate statistics that feed into the national’s labour market information. Major sources of data in any statistical system are from surveys, censuses and administrative data. Administrative data is defined by The Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX 2009) as the information and data derive… View Article

Impact of Wikileaks on the Global Political and Economic Landscape

Introduction WikiLeaks website has changed the profession of journalism in the United States and the media perspective with its flow in the information society. The website is a platform that helps unmask all the corruption activities going on in the government offices. Of all the media platforms WikiLeaks is the most famous for the news… View Article

Government debt

When hearing the word “debt” many individuals may cringe to the sound of the word. The United States debt has increased tremendously in the past few years with a record 10.7 trillion in 2008. The debt continues to grow year after year making taxpayers poorer and foreign holders of the United States bonds richer. The… View Article

Cost Method Paper

Absorption accounting method according to E Notes (n.d.) “is a method of accounting where all costs of the manufacturing are included and are allocated to the produced units”. This would include fixed, variable and mixed costs. This type of accounting would allow a more accurate figure to supply to upper management about their product and… View Article

Marketing Objectives

1. Explain why it is important for a business to have clear marketing objectives? It is important that a business has clear marketing objectives because it gives them a target to work towards. In 2010 Asda set its objective to overtake Tesco as Britain’s largest retailer of non-food items. It is important that its clear… View Article

Past Year Question

PART A Public Awareness is the Key to Fight Pollution Pollution in the most basic form – littering of rubbish or clogged drains – to that of higher level such as dumping of hazardous waste and illegal logging, is chiefly attributed to lack of public awareness, so contends Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. As… View Article

Apush Whigs vs Democrats

1. The Whigs and Democrats agreed on a few things. First, they agreed to push slavery aside as long as they could, as noted in the gag resolution. Not only that, but both parties also made use of campaigning towards the “common man.” Despite that, these parties also differed. The Whigs were made up of… View Article

Strategy development at LEGO

One of the initial strategy decisions was based upon the oil crisis in the 1980’s. The company reacted favourably by introducing new innovations and penetrating previously unexplored markets. Changes in the market environment in the 90’s also spurred on strategy development at LEGO. The advent of competitors and research contrary to what LEGO was basing… View Article

Public Finance and Taxation

There are varying definitions of what public sector economics is and what topics it covers. In a layman’s language Public economics is the application of economics to the activities undertaken by the state. Black et al. defines public sector economics as “the field of economics which studies the nature, principles, and economic consequences of government… View Article

University of technology

Quantity food production is more than just cooking and serving food. It starts with a number of tasks that have to be accomplished before the day of the meal including planning and organising the work place, buying the food, planning food preparation, receiving and serving the food. However food quality refers to the characteristics of… View Article

How Can We Measure the Economic Growth of a Country?

Experts have proposed many techniques to assess the economic progress of a country. One of these techniques is to calculate the sum of all the goods and services produced in the country which is known as gross domestic product (GDP). The indicator was created in the wake of great depression in 1930s and still is… View Article

Organic food vs. non-organic food

When you go to the supermarket, what type of food do you buy? Organic food or non-organic food? Maybe you buy some of both? However, when it comes to price, health and environmental protection, there are significant differences between these two types of food. Then you can decide which is best for you. First, price… View Article

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming is a mathematical technique dealing with the optimization of multistage decision processes. In this technique, decisions regarding a certain problem are typically optimized in stages rather than simultaneously. This generally signifies that the original decision problem is divided into small sub-problem (stages) which can then be handled more efficiently from the computational view… View Article