Economics Essay Topics

China to Release More Data on Air Pollution in Beijing

China published more details of air quality data on Beijing, a critic said government Underestimate the seriousness of the problem of air pollution. News from Twitter said that Beijing’s “blue sky days”s air quality is still poor compared to the United States. Traffic jams and smog in the capital made the public mad and caused… View Article

Unemployment IA

MADRID: The number of people unemployed in Spain, which has the highest jobless rate in the European Union, fell for the first time for five months in December, the Labor Ministry said Tuesday. There were 4.1 million people registered as jobless last month, down 10,221 or 0.25 percent from November, the biggest decline for the… View Article

I.B. Comparative Politics and Economics (SL)

In this article, The Economist talks about how the price for a barrel of oil has dropped below the fifty dollar mark, resting at $47.36. Though many people would be happy with this, it talks about how this could be cause for alarm as a possible indicator for a worsening economy. The main economic concept… View Article

Economi Portfolio

Price elasticity of demand (PED ) is the measure of the responsiveness of the demand for a certain good to a change in the price of this good. It is a measure of how consumers react to a change in price. The formula used to calculate the price elasticity of demand for a given product… View Article

Commentry on Rising Fuel Prices

Air travel is fast getting out of reach for relatively small town Indians. According to Airport Authority of India’s (AAI) latest figures, April 2008 saw lesser number of people flying from places like Goa, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati, Calicut, Srinagar and even tourist hotspots like Udaipur, Jammu and Jodhpur over same period last year. On a… View Article

Economics Coursework – Demand

Manufacturers and dealers want UK to follow Europe into scheme to give cash to drivers who scrap old cars to buy new The government was facing renewed pleas to bail out Britain’s ailing motor industry yesterday as figures showed sales of new cars had dropped by almost a third year on year. Only 313,912 cars… View Article

Economic Practice Coursework

My choice of article is the one relating to the oil crisis in Libya, and how it affects the economy of other countries. The article discusses the impacts of the oil cut of Libya, supplying it no more. It starts off by talking about the impact on shares and the price of oil barrels, which… View Article

Economics Commentary

Sharp rise in unemployment as financial crisis hits jobs market British unemployment today posted its biggest rise since the country’s last recession 17 years ago as the financial crisis filtered through to the jobs market. Official figures showed unemployment measured by International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards rose by 164,000 in the three months to August… View Article

Economics Commentary

The article concerns the price war in the airline business in China. Air companies sell tickets at lower than cost price to drive out competitors. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) wants to prevent this and will set a price floor for seats on 699 flights. In this commentary I will explain the situation… View Article

Australia slashes wheat forecast

In Australia, the commodity markets for wheat hit a formidable loss, as an ongoing drought reduced the predicted crop forecast by a crushing 30%. Australia being the second largest wheat exporter in the world, only behind the United States of America, plays an important role in the distribution of food. Although, in recent years the… View Article

How to Increase the UK’s Productivity?

The UK government can adopt various supply side measures to further increase the productivity in workplace. First, it is absolutely vital to ensure that the education sector continues to receive large amount of funding from government. In fact, it is currently the third largest recipient of budget after social security and healthcare and should be… View Article

How to reflate France’s economy

Introduction There are two different ways to help France’s economy get back on track. They are austerity and growth. Austerity programs consist in a set of policies established by governments in financial debt difficulties. These policies aim to reduce spending for public goods and services. (Example in France, with president Sarkozy, approximately 150.000 civil servants… View Article

Burundi’s Millenium Development Goals

This paper aims to examine the millennium development goals for Burundi, a landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa. Burundi has 8 different millennium development goals that it is attempting to achieve and this paper will examine five of those goals. The millennium development goals of Burundi that will be addressed are… View Article

Tube set to come to Croydon

Assess the costs and benefits of an extension of the tube line to Croydon Private costs can be defined as “costs internal to an exchange, which are paid by an individual economic unit (i.e. producers and consumers). Examples include the price paid by the consumer and the costs facing the producer”. In extending the tube… View Article