Ecological Essay Examples

Discuss the process of Ecological change

Ecology is basically known as bionomics and it is the relationship between organism and their environments. The term ecological change is referred to the fact that how the environments change with respect to humans and what effects they pose on the humans. The entire process of ecological change is related to the fact that how… View Article

Ecological succession

The process of change in a defined environmental area caused by gradual, orderly and progressive replacement of one biological community by another that results in formation of a stable (climax) community is called ecological succession. Depending on whether this change occurs on a previously unsettled area or on an area where ecological system was damaged… View Article

Ecological Mess in South Carolina

Island Apple Snails are considered to be the one of the many destructive species that aggressively feed on plants – terrestrial or aquatic (“Island Apple Snail,” 2007). In June 2008, South Carolina has reported the invasion of Island Apple Snails in the state which was perceived to have put the nature of the people’s health… View Article

Ecological Effects

An invasive alien species is the introduction of an exotic species from one region of the world into another region, where the natural enemies of the exotic species may be absent, and production of very disastrous outcomes. These alien species have a negative effect on only on the plant, animal and the human life, but… View Article

Earths environment

Ecological niche refers to the position that an organism occupies in a habitat. It comprises the physical space where an organism is found and its role in that habitat in terms of the feeding relationships and other interactions with other species. Ecology niche describes the role or the contribution of an organism in an ecosystem…. View Article

Poor Sanitation

Poor sanitation leads to sickness and disease, which lead to low productivity, and, consequently, to poverty. The major global consequences of lack of sanitation are the 4 billion cases of diarrhoea reported by WHO and UNICEF each year, and the annual death toll of 2.2 million people. The provision of water services alone has a… View Article