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E-Business Essay Examples

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Evaluate how a selected business uses e-business

Evaluate how successful a selected business organisation has been in preparing for the growing use of e-business. In this report the business I have chosen to evaluate is Tesco’s. Tesco’s is one of the largest supermarket stores around the world; it has 330,000 staff working in 3,146 stores, there are stores located in China, Turkey…

Outline the Timing Issues for Market Entry in E-Business.

There is no single method for timing market entry into any type of business, whether it is e-business or traditional business. Timing is more important in e-business since technologies change fast. Even a few weeks’ delay can cost the company dearly. The method used for timing market entry depends on factors such as the type…

Business Plan for E-business

ABC Company is an aboriginal products company offering Australian aboriginal artists’ materials and products, such as painting, boomerang and other handicrafts. Based on the internet, ABC Company also provides timely information about Australian aboriginal culture like their history or daily news. It is the responsibility of ABC Company to support the development of indigenous people’s…



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E-Business Strategy

Al-Ikhsan is one of the famous brick and mortar that transform to brick and clicks business in Malaysia. The Company started as a single sole proprietorship and each new store that was opened was individually registered as sole proprietorship also. Later on, for tax and administrative purposes, a Private Limited Company, Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd…

Law week solo

The article details the growing world of businesses and the law’s need to keep up to regulate new developments. A lot of companies now offer services or products online in some capacity, making them an E-Business. Some companies operate almost entirely online, such as Amazon. Other companies that operate mostly offline, such as Coca Cola,…

E-Business and Intellectual Property

Patents need to be protected in order for a company to have an advantage in a very competitive market. The Internet revolution has seen a massive increase in the long distance purchases made by consumers, as geographical barriers is no longer as important as they were. Protection is needed for those businesses who conduct business…

Why e-Business is important to the world economy

While the terms e-business and e-commerce are often used in the same context there is a difference between the two. E-commerce generally refers to financial transactions that take place on the Web, whereas e-business refers to all types of transactions over the Web. The use of the Web, or Internet, is perhaps one of the…

E-Business and E-Commerce Web Apps

Transforming a brick-and-mortar business to an e business is not an easy task. The first step in creating an e-business is to conduct a market research on the competition we need to gather information such as shipping costs, price points, web navigation shopping cart procedures, and alternate revenue streams. The next step would be to…

The growing use of e-business

Introduction: In this report I will be evaluating how successful Amazon as a business has been in preparing the growing use of the e-business. About Amazon: Amazon.com is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, WA. Amazon was one of the first big companies to sell goods over the Internet. The company was founded…

E-Business and Intellectual Property

In today’s internet based society, deciding to start your own business requires much more than identifying a product you wish to produce or sell. Even when you have selected physical location to setup as your business, your job is not done. For a company to be successful it must be able to reach as many…

E-business and e-commerce web applications

Identify e-business and e-commerce web applications to support the proposed implementation First off e-commerce is one of the best things for business whether you have your whole business through the web or partly. If you have a physical store, you are limited by the area that you can sell your product or offer service. An…

E-Business and E-Commerce Web Apps

Identify E-Business and E-Commerce Web Apps for Planned Transformation Up-North Fishing Outfitters (UNFO) is the premier source for those fishing in northern Michigan. They provide equipment, watercraft, safety gear, and other products for local and tourist anglers. UNFO wants to pursue an e-business model to realize additional revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve customer service….

Government Support of E-Business

In this assignment I am going to explain how the government supports the development of e-business and I will use example to support my answers. Also I am going to produce a personal development plan to aid an individual to prepare for increased use of business online. Government e-commerce regulations about online business The E-commerce…

E-Business Marketing Plan

E-business is relativity new and refers how companies do business on the internet. PC Magazine defines Electronic Business as “Doing Business online. The term is often used synonymously with e-commerce but e-business is more of an umbrella term for having a presence on the Web.” (2012) In our ever changing world where a companies’ online…

An Analysis of the Evolution of the E-Business in America

Economic transactions have taken a toll of revolutions and evolutions from the most historic barter deals to currency minting to bank-to-bank transactions, and finally, electronic business. Undeniably, the phenomenal effect of information technology to the lives of common man has caught the complexities of all branches of science and economics in a single matrix. Similarly,…

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