E-Business Essay Examples

E-Business Research Paper for Golfing Paradise

1. Introduction: This paper consists of two tasks. Task I seeks to discuss and analyze migration of a traditional retail business to the Internet using the case of Golfing Paradise while Task 2 examines Internet security as concern for the same company. 2. Project Overview The whole project for Golfing Paradise, Victoria local retailer of… View Article


1. Evaluate adaptive strategies for B2B applications. Ecommerce is one of the largest and fastest growing business mediums which is receiving extensive support in the form of an exponentially increasing market being routed to the internet and the world wide web. Initially was only the consumers and the customers of a business that were seeking… View Article

E-Business avoid financial disaster

According to eMarketer, Internet Consultancy global ebusiness was worth €318. 6bn in 2000 and hitherto rising projections of revenues for North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific where ebusiness is catching up at a fast pace. It is also a fact that very few companies have cashed on success and acclaimed as global and multinational companies insolvencies… View Article


1 Introduction The Internet has become a very important part of the lives of humans whether at home, in the government sectors and most especially in the conduct of businesses. Because of the worldwide connectivity fostered by the Internet, businesses have recognized the importance of reaching out to customers located in different areas of the… View Article

E-business – Selling shoes in United States

Online shop attracts certain class of customers thus any company operating in goods and services on online shop must have a strategy of implementing their online shop. The designing of the website must be considered a critical factor of success of online shops. There fore, the company should acquire a variety of brand of shoes… View Article

E-Business Infrastructure

There is a need for businesses today to take advantage of e-business in order to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. The world market today is competitive; hence for any business organization to achieve a market share for its goods and services, it had to develop a well enhanced e-business infrastructure in order to reach… View Article

E-business: how businesses use information systems technology

The tech-savvy soon-to-be or current business individuals would not be lost in the new wave of business jargons that modern day and technologically literate business individuals mouth to each other everyday over cups of coffee or in between cigarette breaks outside the boardroom, and some of the commonly spoken and heard terms include ‘information technology’… View Article


Supply chain management is a battery of procedures that involve planning, executing and organizing the operations of a supply chain (Haag et al. , 2006). Such cluster of procedures covers all activities of the GAP, including management of raw materials, inventory and final products at both the point-of-origin and point-of-consumption. Supply chain management requires the… View Article


The concept of regular business and e-business planning differs in its concept and some of the variables. The basic general features are to be followed for proper functioning of e-business. Characteristics of Business: The purpose of the business, the products being handled, the mission of the company and the services to be provided be clearly… View Article

E-Business questions

1. What, if any, are the dysfunctional aspects of the “New Economy” promoted by eBusiness? Identify any legal, ethical, regulatory and social issues that might negatively impact people, organizations and/or society. The rise of electronic commerce urged governments to pay more attention to such issues as computer crime and intellectual property. A good example of… View Article

Law week solo

The article details the growing world of businesses and the law’s need to keep up to regulate new developments. A lot of companies now offer services or products online in some capacity, making them an E-Business. Some companies operate almost entirely online, such as Amazon. Other companies that operate mostly offline, such as Coca Cola,… View Article