During Essay Topics

Educating Rita

  Russell also shows the gain in relationship between Frank and Rita as Rita goes to tell Frank about the trip before she tells anybody else. Russell shows the relationship developing as he invites the audience to consider how Rita’s community has turned their back on her which is shown in Denny and Rita’s relationship… View Article

Offred and Moira

What contribution to the novel is made by the character Moira? Moira is a main influential character throughout the novel especially to Offred. During this novel I am going to look at the importance of Moira and her as a character, focusing on her opinions, rebellions and her relationship with Offred. Also how the role… View Article

Elizabeth looked

Discuss the significance of this statement within the play and the wider political and historical contexts. The play, ‘The Crucible’, portrays a community which is based on paranoid accusations of witchcraft ending in mass hysteria. The accusations led to dozens of alleged witches being prosecuted in the Massachusetts colony; resulting in the death of nineteen… View Article

The course of the play

Catherine shows all of this in the beginning of the play: when she is dressed up, Eddie says, “Listen, I could tell you things about Louis which you wouldn’t wave to him no more”, this shows that Catherine still does not know about boys. She shows that she is scared of her uncle when she… View Article

Beakers and measuring

Chemical engineers exploit chemical reactions to produce materials on a commercial scale. One of their principal activities is the design and operation of chemical reactors. In order to accomplish design goals, the engineer often needs to know the kinetics of a reaction — the factors that influence the rate of the reaction. In what follows,… View Article

Investigate the resistance of a wire

If the wire is thinner then the electrons have less of a cross sectional area to bounce through, and the wire’s atoms slow down the free-electrons by impacting them. A similar scenario occurs if the wire is hot, as the wire’s atoms vibrate more and these reverberations also impact the free-electrons slowing them down. Resistance… View Article

The ball squashes

Aim – To investigate how the height a ball is dropped from affects the re-bounce of it. Equipment – 1 meter ruler stick – I chose this because it was more accessible and something else like a tape measure would not be reliable as it is not solid and can move more easily. I will… View Article