DuBois Essay Topics

In the following text

I think she does not want the light on her because it is exposing the truth. In the following stage direction when she wants to have another tumbler of whiskey, you can see that she is very nervous, hysterical – mentally unstable: [She rushes to the closet and removes the bottle; she is shaking all… View Article

Dubois and Washington

In assessing the suitability of W. E. B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington approaches towards the black development goals in the South of Jim Crow laws era we need to have a little ides of what the Jim Crow laws were designed to achieve. Permitting African Americans to develop while those laws were in place… View Article

The Souls of Black Folk

In order to fully understand and analyze the text “The Souls of Black Folk”, a thorough study on the background of the author W. E. B. Du Bois must be done in order to understand the context in which the book was written, and in order to identify the different factors which led him to… View Article

Feminist critique on a street car named desire

Although the play itself would have made huge strides in the feminist movement at the time the message behind the play brings out a crucial and relevant message to the audience today, and asks bigger questions to young people in a generation that questionably has made very few steps forward in the past few decades…. View Article

A Streetcar Named Desire: Play Summary

The play itself is linear as events happen one after the other example: Blanche arrives in Belle Reve, then other events follow such as Stanley and her falling out , then she being raped in the event, Stella gives birth to a boy. Finally we then see her being carted off to a mental asylum…. View Article